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Who was considered the Sun King ?

Louis X

A theory is ?

An explanation

Balance between faith and reason is called ?


Ptolemy believed that ?

The Earth is the Center of the Universe

Who Developed the Scientific Method ?

Francis Bacon

Who spread Enlightenment ideas ?

Denis Diderot

Rene Descartes quote says that ?

"I think therefore I "Am"

Galileo theory is that ?

Earth Revolves around the sun

From who's ideas did the Declaration come from ?

John Locke

Kepler theory is that planets move in what type of motion ?


What were the problems with Greek scientific theories ?

It was based on observations not experimentation

Where were English Colonies located in ?

North America

The names of the the Enlightenment despots are ?

1.Louis XIV
2. Fredrick the Great

3.Catherine II

Why did the first Continental Congress meet ?

To Repeal British Policies

Copernicus,Kepler,and Galileo disapproved who's theory on what ?

Ptolemy Geocentric theory of the Universe

Who discovered that heart pumps blood ?

William Harvey

What was written during the Glorious Revolution ?

The English Bill of Rights

The great thinker of the Enlightenment was ?


Why was the constitution written ?

To create a strong national government

What year did Britain recognize American Independence ?


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