Personal finance chapter 7

Overdraft protection is an automatic loan made to an account if the balance will not cover the checks written.
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Problematic financial business include each of the following EXCEPTSavings and loan associationsCompared with commercial banks, credit unions generally offerlower fees and loan ratesTo earn high interest rates on a certificate of deposit , you must accept all the following limitations EXCEPTCompleting a monthly bank reconciliationIf you deposit $100 in an account with an annual interest rate of 6 percent compounded monthly, after 12 months you will have$6.18The first step in balancing a checkbook isComparing checks in the check record with those on the statementCredit cards allow you toborrow money for a short termThe federal deposit insurance corporation insures depositors against losing there money in a case ofBank failureIn which kind of savings plan does the interest rate vary from month to month?money marketWhich of the following financial services is best suited for a loan on a houseMortgage loanWhen writing a check, include all of the following EXCEPTThe name of the payee