All of the following benefits must be included in any group accident and health insurance policy issued in DE EXCEPT:

A) lead poisoning screening
B) cancer screening tests
C) ovarian cancer monitoring
D) long-term care
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Life insurance sales presentations that do not recognize the time value of money:

A) are easier for prospective buyers to understand and more valuable as sales presentations
B) allow a more accurate comparison of disparate life policies
C) are prohibited for use in DE
D) cannot be used to compare the cost of two or more life insurance policies
Replacing insurers must do all of the following EXCEPT

A) require a list of the applicant's life insurance or annuity contracts that are to be replaced
B) seek authorization for replacement from the insurance department
C) send each existing insurer a written communication advising of the proposed replacement
D) inform their field rep about the replacement regulations
A license is being used for controlled business if:

A) the producer only sells credit life and credit health insurance
B) more than 25% of the agent's total commission is earned from controlled business
C) the producer's marketing efforts are controlled more than 75% of the time by the insurer
D) more than 50% of the producer's total commission is earned from controlled business
All of the following are required provisions in accident and health insurance policies EXCEPT: A) time limit on certain defenses B) grace period C) entire contract provision D) change of occupationD) change of occupationWhat is a policy summarywritten statement describing the elements of a life insurance policy