Cold War pt. 2 (2021)

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300,000 Chinese troops invaded and drove the Americans back
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Joseph McCarthyWisconsin senator claimed to have list of communists in American gov't, but no credible evidence; took advantage of fears of communism post WWII to become incredibly influentialSpend less money on conventional military and more money on nuclear weaponsWhat did Eisenhower's "more bang for the buck' mean?New LookThe defense policy of the Eisenhower administration that stepped up production of the hydrogen bomb and developed long-range bombing capabilities.Massive RetaliationPolicy of threatening to use massive force in response to aggression1. NASA 2. National Defense Education ActWhat was the United States's response to the Sputnik Crisis?BrinkmanshipA policy of threatening to go to war in response to any enemy aggression.military-industrial complexThe close association of the federal government, the military, and defense industries1. 1952 presidential election 2. Republican Party refused to censor himHow was McCarthy able to get away with his lies and intimidation?Army-McCarthy HearingsWhat finally put a stop to Senator McCarthy?Iranians wanted to nationalize their oilfieldsWhy was the US allied Shah of Iran deposed?Guatemalan government gave 200,000 of American owned land to peasantsWhy did CIA-trained rebels invade Guatemala and seize control of the country?SEATOAlliance formed to oppose Communism in Southeast Asia1. West Germany is recognized 2. Peace treaties 3. Khrushchev's philosphyWhat was evidence the Cold War was thawing after Stalin's death?1. Nasser wants a dam 2. Nasser plays US and USSR against each other 3. US cancels loans 4. Nassar nationalizes the canal 5. France, Britain, Israel fight with EgyptSuez Crisis1. US and USSR agree on non force 2. USSR gains prestige in Middle East 3. England is no longer a major world powerOutcome of the Suez CrisisImre NagyHungarian Communist Party leader who attempted to end association with the USSR which lead to the 1956 Hungarian revolt.1. Killed 30,000 Hungarians 2. Executed NagyHow did the USSR respond to the Hungarian revolt?US and UN did nothingHow did the world respond to the Hungarian Revolt?Nikita KhrushchevRuled the USSR from 1958-1964; lessened government control of soviet citizens; seeked peaceful coexistence with the West instead of confrontationU-2 IncidentA 1960 incident in which the Soviet military used a guided missile to shoot down an American U-2 spy plane over Soviet territory