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John steinbeck

Writer. grapes of rath= lifestyle during dust bowl


Larg art paintings on sides of buildings


was a radio station people listen to

Franklin Roosevelt

Created the new deals and was president during great depression


Alphabet soup helped the bank city and farmers

Welfare state

Helping people with food, clothing, and jobs

The new deal

Got a new jobs and people were not in depression so much

Film companies

-20th century


People went when they couldnt afford food

Swing music

Duke ellington invented swing music

Federal art project

Writers project and federal theader. project offered job opp. new deal ave money to artist and painters


Was a movie. He was a scientist


People lived in tents after they got their house taken away.

Massive unemployment

Many people became unemployed they couldnt pay for anything

Struggling farmers

Farmers struggled because of crops


Horse who people loved to watch race

Bank Failures

Banks ran out of money


National broadrashing company

Dorthea lange

Created powerful images of farmers and migrant workers

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