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China and Britain went to war in 1839 after China confiscated British imports of?
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At the beginning of the novel we find Wang Ling living with?his fatherWang Lung finds Olan unattractive on the basis of what?her unbound feetAfter finding considerable success, Wang Lung purchases what?land from the house of WangWhy do Wang Lung and Olan fall into destitution?a drought strikes the land which inuduces a famineWang Lung and Olan lose their second daughter after Olan does what?strangles herWhat recourse do Wang Lung and Olan take to survive after falling into poverty?they travel to the cityTwo men attempt to persuade Wang Lung to join the respected causes. Who are these men?a missionary and revolutionaryWang Lung comes into money again after doing?lootingWang Lung and Olan return to Olan's land to find?Wang Lung's neighbors have ransacked his houseAs Wang Lung's daughter grows older, Wang Lung comes to find that she is?mentally handicappedWhich of the following describes Lotus?prostituteWhich of Olan's possessions does Wang Lung give to Lotus?the pearlsWhich of Wang Lung's relatives repeatedly tries to take advantage of his success?his uncleWhat does Lotus do that causes Wang Lung's affection for her to wain?she mistreats his mentally handicapped daughterWhy does Wang Lung beat his oldest son?he skipped schoolWhat does Wang Lung's oldest son do that further angers Wang Lung?he begins soliciting prostitutesIn chapter 23, Wang Lung's uncle reveals that he has joined who/what?a gang of raidersIn chapter 24, Olan is afflicted by which of the following?a swollen gutWhy does Wang Lung send his oldest son south to go to university?he finds his son with LotusWhere does the novel say Olan spent most of her married life?in the kitchen