What is the net electrical charge of an atom?
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What is electric potential energy?Energy a charge has due to its location in an electric fieldWhat is capacitance?the ability to store energy as separated chargesWhat is the equation for work?w=fdWhat is the equation for electric potential energy?v=-edIs electric potential the same as electric potential energy?NoWhat are capacitors used for?To improve power factor and voltage, and to supply leading current.What is the equation for capacitance?c=q/v (charge/voltage)What is a dielectric?An insulating material such as rubber, plastic or waxed paper.What is the purpose of a dielectric?To increase the capacitance of a capacitorHow do you increase capacitance?By inserting an inculcator material into the capacitanceWhat is electric current?The total amount of charge passing through a wire over a period of timeWhat did Alessandro Volta invent?batteryWhat are electrodes?charged metal platesWhat is a voltaic cell?converts chemical energy into electrical energyWhat is the equation for a current?I = Q/t ( current= change through cross section/ change in time)Are negatively charged electrons in one direction equal to positively charged electrons in the other direction?YesWhat is resistance?a measure of how difficult it is for an electric current to pass through a componentTrue or false: When resistance is constant, voltage is directly proportional to currentTrueWhat is the equation for power?p=energy/timeWhat is the unit for power?watts