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Father of Medicine

Andreas Vesalius

Father of Anatomy

Dr. William Harvey

Circulation of blood, dissected father and sister

Anton Leeuwenhoek


Edward Jenner

Small Pox Vaccine

Rene Lanence


Clara Barton

Founder of Red Cross

Dorthia Dix

Human Treatment of Mentally Ill

Elizabeth Blackwell

First Woman Doctor

Florence Nightingale

Crimean Founder of Modern Nursing

Louis Pasteur


Wilhelm Roentgen

Discovered X-rays

Frederick Banting & Charles Best


Alexander Fleming


Jonas Salk

Injectable Polio Vaccine

Albert Sabin

Oral Polio VaccineChr

Christian Bernard

First Heart Transplant, Human

CAT Scanner

Computerized Axial Tomography

C. Everett Koop

Surgeon General, Warnings on Cigarettes, Smoke Free Workplace

William Devries

First Artifical Heart

Jack Kevorkian

First Assisted Suicide

Ben Franklin

invented bifocals, lightning rod, and urinary catheter

Joseph Lister

discovered carbolic acid's antiseptic purpose

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