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IDs on past tests for Shugsta's class

Potato Famine

An event in Ireland that caused many Irish to immigrate to America. Failure of potato crop because of a fungus. Killed many people of starvation


The preference of American-born citizens to immigrants

American Party

The name of the actual party which was nicknamed "The Know Nothing Party"


An assistant who was often African American himself that helped manage the slaves


A runaway slave on the Underground Railroad

sweat box

A very tight/small box that did not allow sitting room that slaves were put in to brace the elements as a form of punishment/torture

Cuddy holes

Holes in the ground slaves would dig for their personal belongings


Craftment and skilled workers whose jobs were replaced by machines and went on a rampage breaking those machines

Injured factory workers

They were fired immediately without any sort of compensation


someone who is strongly against slavery

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