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IDs on past tests for Shugsta's class
Politicians who favored secession
Harriet Beecher Stowe
A very well educated abolitionist who wrote "Uncle Tom's Cabin"
Douglas, Kansas
Had a population of 30 but had 200 submitted in the vote for popular sovereignty
Roger Taney
Chief Justice of the Supreme Court who made the Dred Scott Decision
Popular Sovereignty
An idea to "let the people decide" whether they wanted their state to be admitted as slave or free
Jefferson Davis
The president of the Confederate states
New Republican Party
Believed that the expansion of slaver should be stopped
The Little Giant
Nickname for Stephen Douglas
South's reason for Secession
Since they joined the United States of America of their own free will, they can leave if they want to too
John C. Breckinridge
The Southern Democratic candidate in the Election of 1860