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In what document did the idea that the people had the right to abolish an abusive and unresponsive government first formally expressed in?

Declaration of Independence

On what basic principle of the Constitution do the words "We the People," establish it authority?

Popular Sovereignty

On what basic principle of the Constitution have the courts found that governmental actions in question to be constitutional?

Judicial Review

What's the supreme law of the land?


On what basic principle of the Constitution is the president's power to accept or reject an act of Congress an example of?

Checks and Balances

A complex of offices, personnel, and processes by which a state is ruled, and by which its public policies are made and enforced is known as what?


On what basic principle is the division of power made between a central/national government and several regional governments known as?


What is the concept of limited government?

Boundaries set by the people through the constitution

on what basis do people belong to a particular political party?


what are the main functions/objectives of political parties in the United Stats?

1. nominate candidate
2. create platform the candidate
4. raise money for campaign

According to the Supremacy clause, whom do local governments derive their power from? (ladder of laws)

U.S. Constitution

Generally speaking, which part of American government is based on the census?

House of Representatives

What type of power is to declare war and make treaties associated with, and which branch of government has that power?


specifically speaking, which part of american government is based on the census?

House of Reps

What type of power is to declare war and make treaties associated with, and which branch of government has that power?


why is the lawmaking function of Congress central to democracy?

because it is the means by which public will becomes public policy

why did the framers of the constitution favor bicameralism?

fair and equal representation of the state at the national level

what type of power is the elastic clause and what is another name for it?

implied; necessary and proper clause

what's the purpose of a filibuster?

kill a bill

whom are a state's presidential electors chosen by?

the people through popular vote

what are the duties of the Vice-President?

determine presidential disability and President of the Senate

how does a person become a federal judge?

nominated by President with senate's approval

what is the line of succession to the presidency?

VP, speaker of the house, president protempore, and secretary of state

what are the President's responsibilities when he takes the Oath of Office?

enforce laws

Who/What determines the term of office for a Constitutional judge?

U.S. Constitution

what are the expressed powers of the president?

execute laws, make foreign policy, make treaties, commander in chief

what was the significance of the supreme court's decision in marbury v. madison?

establish judicial review

what is the term of office for a constitutional judge?


why were circuit courts created

relieve supreme court of burden of most appealed cases

in which types of cases does the supreme court have original and exclusive jurisdiction in?

in cases involving a controversy between 2 or more states

in which type of federal court are the majority of federal cases heard?

circuit courts

what was the civil rights act of 1964?1968? the 4th, 6th, and 8th amendments?

segregation; search and seizure; rights to attorney/ speedy trial; cruel and unusual punishment

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