POL Chapter 10

In modern-day Texas, the media play a(n) ______ role in political campaigns.
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Vicente Gonzales, who became the U.S. Representative for Texas's 15th Congressional District in 2016, received most (76 percent) of his funding from ______.self-financingWhat best describes the role of independent gubernatorial candidates in the 2006 election?They pulled enough voters away from the Democratic candidate to elect a Republican with only a plurality.Campaigns and PACs must report all contributions over ______ to the Texas State Ethics Commission.$50In order to be an "official" write-in candidate for office, individuals must ______.file their intention before the electionRegular elections held every two years to elect state officeholders are known as elections.Minor political parties in Texas nominate candidates in a(n) .Party CaucusThe format is a paper ballot form that is no longer used in Texas. The party that held the governor's office was the first party column on the ballot.Party ColumnWhich requirement must a political party meet to be considered a major party according to the Texas Election Code?The party's nominee for governor received at least 20 percent of all votes cast during the prior election cycle.About 4.7 million Texans voted in the 2014 governor's race. How many signatures would an independent statewide candidate need in order to appear on the 2016 general election ballot?47,000In order to sign a petition to get an independent candidate on the ballot, a person must ______.be a registered voter not have participated in the primary elections of other parties in that electoral cycleUnder the "sore loser" law, who would be prevented from running as an independent candidate in a general election?a candidate who was defeated that year in either primaryIn an open primary system, voters ______.can vote in any primary without a party declarationHow does the Texas Election Code define minor parties?any party that receives between 5 percent and 19 percent of the vote for any statewide office in the last general electionWhich primary format allows voters to register or change their party affiliation on Election Day?semi-closedWhat parties in Texas hold major party status in Texas today?Republican Party Democratic PartyIn Texas's voting system, voters can do which of the following?cross party lines after a primary is over decline to declare a party when registering change their party affiliation when they receive a new registration cardHow many verifiable signatures must an independent candidate seeking statewide office secure in order to appear on the general election ballot?a number equal to 1 percent of the votes cast in the prior governor's raceThe system that allowed voters to switch parties between offices and was ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court was known as a(n) primary.blanketThe petition requirements in Texas law ______ independent candidates to gather signatures and be placed on the ballot.make it difficult forWhich primary type fosters crossover voting?OpenIn a closed primary system, voters ______.can only vote in the primary of their party registrationA(n) ______ is an election that is required if no person receives a majority in the primary election.runoff primaryStates conducting the semi-closed primary require voters to register or change their party affiliation by which day?Election Day for the primary electionThe payment that is required in order to get a candidate's name on the primary or general election ballot is known as a .Filing feeHow is the primary system in Texas most commonly labeled?semi-openIn a nonpartisan primary, which is used in Washington State and Louisiana, ______.all candidates are listed on the ballot by officeWhen voters leave their party and vote in the other party's primary, it is known as voting.CrossoverAn election held in which of the following months is not considered a special election?NovemberIn Texas, if you voted in the Democratic primary and the Republican Party has a runoff primary, what are your options?You have none; you cannot vote in the other party's runoff primary.What happens if a candidate is unable to make the necessary payment to get on the ballot?The candidate can be put on the ballot by filing a petition.In 1975, the Voting Rights Act was applied to Texas and required that all changes in election procedures obtain preclearance by the ______.U.S. Justice DepartmentIn Texas's voting system, voters can do which of the following?