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Dr. Luke
The author of the Gospel of Luke
This French scholar said that Luke was "the most beautiful book in the world."
Human Interest Factor
Luke emphasizes this through the information it contains about Mary and Martha, Zaccheus, the road to Emmaus, prominence of woman and children, songs and prayers
This author wrote Luke and Acts
Luke was a companion of this man's in Acts.
Luke was Gentile or Jew?
60 AD
Luke was written in this year.
62 AD
Acts was written in this year.
Luke writes to this Roman Officer.
The audience of Luke is
This Gospel focuses on "the ideal man," or the "Son of man," sensitive to the ideological fancies of its Greek readers.
In a word, the purpose of Luke is to BLANK, so that Theophilus could be certain of the things in which he was instructed.
This Gospel emphasizes J's early life more than Matthew or Mark. Contains the infancy narrative.
Luke takes the genealogy of Christ back to this man.
Luke has this many miracles
Luke has this many parables
Samaritan, Prodigal, Lazarus
In three words, these three parables are the most well-known of Luke
Luke emphasized this more than any other Gospel. Recording 11 of them. 7 of them are Jesus speaking.
Holy Spirit
Luke also describes the person-hood and work of this part if the Trinity.
Universal Gospel
Luke is considered this, as it appeals to people everywhere.
Spiritual Gospel
Clement of Alexandria called John the what?
The writer of John is a Gentile or Jew?
The writer of John is from what city area to know the ins and outs of Jerusalem?
This was the "disciple whom Jesus loved."
James, Zebedee
John was the brother of BLANK and the son of BLANK
John was companion to this disciple:
Signs, Belief, Life
Threefold, clearly-stated purpose of the book of John.
There are this many signs, or miracles in John, saying that Jesus is Christ
The word "believe" is used this many times in the book of John. Emphasizing what it means to believe.
New Nature
The emphasis on "Life" in the Gospel of John is not talking about a physical life but these two words: meaning a fellowship with God
Son of God
In john Jesus is referenced as the
Upper Room
In john this is the place Jesus emphasized that He's going, and that the Holy Spirit is coming. It is the last counsel before the cross they had together.
John records this many "I am" statements
There are this many personal interviews in the book of John, emphasizing Jesus' contact with those around him.
Jesus as the "God-Man" is most emphasized in this Gospel.
Personal Faith and Deep Devotion
The Gospel of John challenges its reader to have these two things to Jesus
This book is the most important historical book in the NT
Early Church
The book of Acts is the connector between the story of Jesus and the
The BLANK are supplement to the book of Acts
30-60 AD
Acts covers Christian history over these years
The author of Acts is BLANK. We know this as there is a lot of medical terminology, it is written to Theophilus, and the author uses "we" when referencing Paul--saying he was a companion to him.
62 AD
Acts was written in this year
Holy Spirit
Acts has a focus on the continuing work of the BLANK BLANK in the lives of the apostles.
Acts has a focus on the beginning of the
Acts has a focus on BLANK strategy
The audience of Acts is
Because Acts is a defense for the Church and its motive, Acts is said to be rather
Another focus of Acts is BLANK as the person and work of the Holy Spirit are called God
Another focus of Acts is BLANK as it follows the acts of Peter, Paul, and the power of God in the human experience, privately and publicly.
Biographically and Geographically
An outline of Acts can be these two words-driven
Promise, Power, Program
Acts emphasizes the BLANK of the Father, the BLANK that'd come upon believers, and the BLANK of the Church.
This Acts character was the leader and spokesman for the apostolic group, spoke at Pentecost, and has several sermons mentioned.
This Acts character was martyred with Saul-Paul nearby
This Acts character did EV with non-Jews
This Acts character's story covers chapters 11-21, was companion with Barnabas for a time, and took three missionary journeys.
Galatian Church
Paul, Barnabas and John Mark establish this church in Asia Minor.
In this city the people think Paul and Barnabas are gods after they heal lame man. They were stirred up by the Jews in the town and later stoned Paul and dragged him out of the town for dead.But Paul returned later and established churches there.
The name that the Lystran people give to Paul
The name that the Lystran people give to Barnabas
First Council
At this event, Paul and Barnabas refute the Judaisers.
This brother of Jesus finalizes at the council that there is no need for new converts to be circumcised. Though they do need to stay away from idol food and bloody meat.
This is the most crucial in the history of Christianity as it is the place where the Western World receives the Gospel
On the BLANK missionary journey, Paul is with Silas (Asia Minor) and Barnabas is with John-Mark (Cyprus).
This is the first city of Asia and the Third missionary Journey
In this city, Paul is taken prisoner for "defiling the Temple."
1 Corinthians
In this soteriological epistle, the cross is an instrument of sanctification, the solution to moral issues of life. "Whatsoever ye do, do for the glory of God."
Partisan, Conscience, Cross
The book of 1 Corin focuses on the Evil of the BLANK spirit, the Christian BLANK, and the power of the BLANK in salvation and sanctification.
The 2nd Missionary Journey was to this city
55 AD
1 Corin was written in this year
Paul spent BLANK time in Corinth with Priscilla and Aquila than any other place, 18 months tent making and teaching among them.
Vile, Diverse, Roman colony, leading commerce in Mediterranean, widespread immorality...these things describe the BLANK of Corinth.
Church, Sanctification
The Purpose of the book of 1 Corin is to correct serious mistakes/abnormalities in the BLANK and to answer the perplexing questions about the doctrine of BLANK
Paul pleas for this among the people of Corinth as they seem to have a "hero" focus, "pedestalling" persons like Apollos, Cephas, Christ, Paul
1 Corinthians
This book focuses on these things: Division and schisms, morality and purity, Sp gifts, Doctrine of resurrection, Finances, and Unity
Lost Letter
1 Corin mentions a BLANK BLANK
In 2 Corin the problems that Paul addresses are more BLANK in nature.
56 AD
2 Corin was written after Paul left Ephesus to get to Philipi in this year.
The chief emphasis of 2 Corin is Paul's BLANK of his ministry and authority
The parting words of 2 Corin are unique as they mention the
This epistle contains the most historical and theological importance of all the epistles.
Galatians is historically important as it gives an early account of the BLANK church.
Galatians is theologically significant as it gives Paul's BLANK of the Christian message.
This epistle retains abiding value as the Christian declaration of true SP liberty.
48/49-57/58 AD
Galatians was written somewhere in this time span.
Timeline: Galatians is possibly one of Paul's BLANK epsitles
Asia Minor
Galatia is in
Galatians was most likely written BLANK Jerusalem Council. (ACTS 13 AND 14)
The purpose of this epistle is to emphasize that one can't be justified by works
In Galatians, "new life" grows out of the experience of BLANK with Christ.
According to Galatians, God's BLANK excels the Law because of "time" (Abraham righteous before the law) and "Purpose" (law leads to Christ)
Galatians uses the story of Isaac and Ishmael to explain the BLANK nature of law and promise.
The greatest single figure in the early church is
Paul has at least this many writings in the NT
Paul was born here
Paul was BLANK by birth and trianing
Paul's culture was
Paul was possibly a leader in the
The Sanhedrin is the supreme Jewish BLANK body.
After going from Damascus to Arabia to Jerusalem back to Tarsus, Paul was found by this person and taken to Antioch where he stayed for ten years.
In the ten years that Paul was with Antioch he wrote this many epistles before being arrested in Jerusalem.
Eph, Phil, Col, Philemon
After Paul was arrested in Jerusalem, Cesaria, taken to Rome, he wrote these epistles.
1 and 2 Timothy and Titus
Paul penned these three books in his last years as a free and imprisoned man.
Near the end of this man's reign, Paul was martyred.
Paul had a heart for his own people, the Jews, but he brought the Gospel to the
1 and 2 Thess are this classification of Paul's writings as they cover the "Last Days" and return of Christ.
1 and 2 Corin and Galatians and Romans are this classification of Paul's writings as they cover the doctrine of salvation
Philemon, Collosians, Ephesians and Philippians are this classification of Paul's writings as they emphasize the person and work of Christ. Also known as the Prison Epistles
Col and Eph
These two are epistles are known as the "twins"
1 and 2 Timothy and Titus are this classification of Paul's writings as they emphasize the organizational aspects of Church life.
33 AD
Paul's conversion date
47-48 AD
Estimated time of Paul's first Missionary Journey
50-52 AD
Estimated time of Paul's 2nd Missionary Journey
53-56 AD
Estimated time of Paul's 3rd Missionary Journey
57 AD
Estimated time of Paul's arrest in Jerusalem
60 AD
Estimated time of Paul's voyage to Rome
62-67 AD
Estimated time of Paul's release from prison
67-68 AD
Estimated time of Paul's re-arrest and execution.
1 Thess was written on Paul's BLANK Missionary Journey, 50-51 AD
Today, Thessalonica is called
Thessalonica was the capital of
The purpose of 1 Thess was to BLANK the persecuted Jews, and correct erroneous ideas about Christ's and the vigilance necessary till that time.
51 AD
2 Thess was written by Paul in this year
2 Thess was written in this place
The BLANK of 2 Thess was to correct mistaken ideas about the coming day of the Lord
Day of the Lord
2 Thess focuses on the
The BLANK of the Day of the Lord in 2 Thess are: great apostasy, appearance of the Man of Sin, the Lord will slay him, removal of the restrainer of evil
2 Thess
In this book, Paul writes to the idle, "If they don't work, don't let them eat either."