Kelly's 11 corollaries

Construction corollary
construct anticipation based on past experience - conservative
Experience corollary
unexpected results lead to reconstruction of expectations
Dichotomy corollary
store experiences as templates of the world (personal and bipolar)
Organization corollary
system which organizes ordinal relationship between constructs
Range corollary
construct only convenient for finite range of events
Modulation corollary
premeability of constructs
Choice corollary
choose between behaviours - adventerous or safe - to extend or maintain construct
Individuality corollary
different experiences result in different constructions of reality
Commonality corollary
people will share similar constructs if they have similar experiences
fragmentation corollary
inconsistencies can exist within ourselves. roles depend on circumstance so different behaviours can be produced
sociality corollary
one person can relate to the constructions of someone else