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Social Studies Final combined chapters from macattack

I combined all macattack's separate sets from social studies yellow packet
Feeling of intense loyalty to one's country
U boat
German weapon that changed the course of WW1
convoy system
American solders were safe bound for Europe from submarine attacks because of:____
the creation of the League of Nations
the final point of Wilson's 14 Point plan
ethnic group
people who share common language/traditions are part of the same:___
alliance systems
defense agreements among nations
Germany's invasion of what country caused Britain to enter the war
gross national product
total value of all goods/services produced in a country
Committee on Public Information
Started/mainly focused on propaganda
Selective Service Act
Start of draft
Triple Alliance
Austria-Hungary, Germany, Italy
Treaty of Versailles
signed by Allies and Germany
Triple Entente
Britain, France, Russia
18th Amendment
Constitutional amendment that established Prohibition
21st Amendment
The number of the amendment to overturn an earlier amendment
belief that native-born Americans are superior to foreigners
policy of taking a limited role in world affairs
an economic downturn is called:___
temperance movement
The campaign against the use of alcohol was called:___
return to calm and stability
What does Harding's "a return to normalcy" mean?
Calvin Coolidge
President that actively supported business
19th Amendment
Amendment that gave women the right to vote
United Nations
What was the organization formed in 1945 by 50 nations?
What country was divided into four areas after the World War I?
What was the country that fought on the side of the North Koreans?
General Douglas MacArthur
Who was the general fired by President Truman?
Berlin airlift
the____ ____was the result of the Berlin Blockade
Douglas MacArthur
____was a United Nations commander in North Korea
Berlin Wall
The____cut of Eastern Europe from Western Europe
Marshall Plan
The___ gave economic aid to Western Europe
Joseph McCarthy
___was the Republican Senator of Wisconsin
What did the NAACP worked to end?
Martain Luther King Jr.
Who was the leader that was assassinated on April 4, 1968?
National Organization for Women (NOW)
what was the organization that fought for women's equal rights?
Montgomery Bus Boycott
The arrest of Rosa Parks led to what?
LB Johnson passed the Civil Rights Act in what year?
What type of protest did African Americans use to fight "whites-only" lunch counters?
What was the first foreign crisis area that JFK had to face`
Ho Chi Minh
In the Geneva Accords, whose Communist forces would occupy North Vietnam?
What were the opponents of the Vietnam war called?
Tet Offensive
What was the turning point of the Vietnam War?
What was President Kennedy's response to the missile buildup in Cuba?
Cambodia and Laos
Nixon ordered bombing of enemy supply routes in what 2 countries?
governing authority
Communist Ho Chi Minh
_______ was the leader of the Vietnamese troops.
William Westmoreland
___was an American commander in Vietnam.
guerilla warfare
____was fighting by small bands of warriors using tactics such as sudden ambushes.
International Revenue Service (IRS)
Nixon ordered the FBI and what agency to investigate his "enemies"?
Spiro Agnew
Who was the Vice President forced to resign because of bribery scandal?
South Africa
What country did President Carter condemn for its policy of apartheid?
Who did President Carter turn over the control of the Panama Canal to?
What country were American hostages held in captivity?
What was the scandal that forced Nixon to resign?
What did President Ford offer to men who illegally avoided military service in Vietnam?
In 1979 the accident at Three Mile Island caused what kind of protests?
Middle East
Where did President Carter help the peace process?
What was the policy of cutting rules/regulations that government agencies placed on businesses?
The 9/11/2001 terrorist attacks were specifically in what area in Washington, D.C?
Saddam Hussein
Who was the leader of Iraq during the Persian Gulf War?
NAFTA (North American Free Treaty Agreement)
What was the trade agreement among Canada, Mexico and the U.S?
President Clinton was impeached on what charges?
Sandra Day O'Connor
Who was the 1st woman appointed to the Supreme Court?
Supreme Court
The disputed ballots (Fla.) in the election of 2000, was resolved by who?
burned their draft card
What was one way some Vietnam protestors showed their opposition to the draft?
John Glen
Who was the first American to orbit the earth?