The primary objective in database design is to create complete, denormalized, redundant, and fully integrated conceptual, logical, and physical database models.
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The process of database design and implementation is ___ development.databaseThe SDLC is divided into ___ phases.fiveThe initial assessment and the feasibility study are part of the SDLC's ____ phase.planningThe detailed system specification is part of the ___ phase of the SDLC.detailed systems designInstallation and fine tuning are part of the ____ phase of the SDLC.implementationEvaluation, maintenance, and enhancement are part of the ___ phase of SDLC.maintenanceThe SDLC is most important to the ____.system designer"Should the existing system be replaced?" is a question that is asked during the ___ stage of SDLC.planning"What are the requirements of the current system's end users?" is a question asked during the ___ phase of the SDLC.analysisThe logical systems design is created during the ___ phase of the SDLC.analysisThe design of the system's processes is completed during the ___ phase of the SDLC.detailed systems designThe database is loaded during the __ phase of the SDLC.implementationThere are ___ stages in the DBLC.sixCreating the conceptual design and selecting DBMS software are part of the ___ phase of the DBLC.database designInstalling the DBMS, creating the database, and loading or converting the data are part of the ___ phase of the DBLC.implementation and loadingTesting, fine-tuning, and evaluating the database and its applications are part of the ___ phase of the DBLC.testing and evaluationThe last step in the DBLC is ___.maintenance and evolutionThe implementation and loading phase of the DBLC involves ____.installing the DBMSThe conceptual design step that determines end-user views, outputs, and transaction-processing requirements is analysis and requirementsThe conceptual design step that defines entities, attributes, and relationships is ___.entity relationship modeling and normalizationThe conceptual design step that defines the DBMS and data model to use is ____.distributed database design____ allows physical access to areas by authorized personnel only.Physical securityOnce the data has been loaded into the database, the ___ tests and fine-tunes the database performance, integrity, concurrent access, and security constraints.database administratorThe maintenance and evolution phase of the DBLC involves ____.introducing changesThe first step in developing the conceptual model using ER diagrams is to ____.identify, analyze, and refine the business rulesThe first step in the ER model verification process is to ___.identify the ER model's central entity_____ coupling describes the extent to which modules are independent of one another.ModuleThe ___ design is the process of selecting the data storage and data access characteristics of the database.physicalThere are ___ classical approaches to database design.twoDuring decentralized design, after the ___ process has been completed, all modules are integrated into one conceptual model.verificationThe advent of very sophisticated application generators and ____ tools has substantially decreased coding and testing time.debuggingThe company ___ describes the general conditions in which a company operates, its organizational structure, and its mission.situationThe proposed system is subject to limits known as ____ which are external to the system.boundariesThe implementation of the logical design in IBM's DB2 would require that you assign the rights to use the database to a ______.database administratorThe ____ design stage used data modeling to create an abstract database structure that represents real-world objects in the most realistic way possible.conceptualThe first step in ____ design is to discover the data element characteristics.conceptualIn order to develop an accurate data ____, the designer must have a through understanding of the company's data types, extent, and uses.modelWhen selecting DBMS ____, consider processors, RAM, disc space and so on.hardwareThe ____ design goal is to design an enterprise-wide database based on a specific data model but independent of physical-level details.logical___ design could become a very technical job that affects not only the accessibility of the data in the storage device but also the performance of the system.Physical