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Social Studies Colony Test


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What is the main reason the Puritans started the Massachusetts Bay Colony?
Live according to their religious beliefs
Who led the Puritans from England to Massachusetts Bay in 1630?
John Winthrop
What does the word expel mean?
To force someone to leave a place
Which economic reason did most people first settle in the Connecticut River Valley?
To have fertile land to farm
What major issue caused King Philip's War?
Colonist and the Native Americans disagreed about ownership of the land
What is the main purpose of town meetings in the New England colonies?
To take care of town government
In what way did the New England Colonies have representative governments?
The Colonist elected their own leaders
Which three places did the triangular trade routes connect?
England, The English Colonies, and Africa
Which geographical advantaged most helped the Middle Colonies become known as the "breadbasket colonies?"
Fertile soil
With which Native American leader did William Penn form a long lasting peace?
Which colonist was a leader of the Great Awakening?
George Whitefield
Why were port cities important to the economic success of the Middle colonies?
The four were major trade centers
Why was New York a good location for a port?
It was built at the mouth of the Hudson River on the New York River
Who used a grist mill in their profession?
A farmer
Who founded the Maryland Colony to give Catholics a safe place to worship?
Lord Baltimore
Which document allowed religious freedom to all Christians in the Maryland colony?
Toleration Act
Which southern colony did James Oglethorpe help found?
Where did most enslaved Africans work in the Southern Colonies?
On plantations
Where was the first settlement in North America for free Africans located?
Spanish Florida
What was the main cash crop grown in northern areas of the Southern colonies?
What was the main cash crop grown in the southern areas of the Southern colonies?
What kind of worker did many Southern colonists hire to buy and sell good for them in England?
A broker
Which religious group founded the first New England Colonies?
Which of these industries depended heavily on New England's lumber industry
Navay Stores
Why did the English want control of the the Dutch Colony?
The English wanted to control the entire Atlantic coast
For which religious group did William Penn want to provide a refuge when he founded the Pennsylvania Colony?
What was one effect of the Great Awakening in the Middle Colonies?
Great religious tolerance and diversity
Why was farming in the Middle colonies a better economic choice than farming in New England ?
The soil was more fertile and the climate was better in the Middle colonies
Which city in the Middle Colonies became the largest and wealthiest city in all the 13 colonies?
Which war broke out between the New England colonists and the regions Native Americans in 1675?
King Phillips War
Which document is and example of self government in the Middle Colonies?
The form of Government of Pennsylvania
What does the word industry mean?
A business that makes one product
What was an important industry for the economy of the New England colonies
Ship building
What was a large city and busy port in the South Carolina Colony?
What cash crop did many planter grow in the low swampy land in southern North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia?
What describes the area include in the original colony of Carolina?
From Virginia to Spanish Florida
In which of the Southern Colonies did the first Africans most likely arrive?
What does the word refuge mean?
A safe place
After taking control of New Netherland from the Dutch, which two colonies did the English form in that region?
New York and New Jersey
What is another word for backcountry?
What is one way that the Middle Colonies differed from the English Colonies?
The Middle colonies were home to a mix of religious group
What industry did Baltimore become a major center in the Southern Colonies?
Ship building
Who worked for passage in exchange for passage to the colonies?
Indentured servants
Who worked for free, against their will