Specialized Cells

The role of different, specialized cells.
Specialized cells
Cells that perform a certain function.
Nerve cells
Cells that act like "telephone wires" that carry messages or impulses from one part of the body to another part.
White blood cells
Disease fighting cells in blood.
Red blood cells
Blood cells containing heamoglobin that carry oxygen through the blood.
Smooth muscle cells
Types of muscle cells which are spindle shaped, with a nucleus and act involuntary. Found in digestive system walls or blood vessels.
Sperm cells
Male reproductive cells.
The female reproductive cell.
Palisade cells
Oblong cells in leaves that make food for the plant, since they have a lot of chloroplasts.
Guard cells
Cells that control the opening and closing of stomata, pores usually found on the underside of a leaf. They allow gases in and out of the plant.
Root hair cells
Cells in the epithelium of roots that have long extensions to increase surface area for the absorption of water and minerals.
Skin cells
Mostly flat and close together; they form a protective layer for the body.