phycology chapter 3

Felipe looks over his presentation, and he notices that some of the words are written in bold and some are written in italic. His ability to remember these differences is an example of ________ encoding.
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___ motivation is based on internal feelings rather than external rewardintrinsic. The hierarchy of needs is the spectrum of needs ranging from basic ________ needs to ________ needs to self-actualizationbiological, socialAn infant sucking is a good example ofinstinct14. If you believe you will win the hot dog eating competition, then you have a sense of ________, and you are more likely to enter the hot dog eating competitionself-efficacyFood, shelter, and warmth represent ________ needs in Maslow's hierarchy of needs.physiologicalWhich of the following are good examples of the security level of needs in Maslow's hierarchy of needsfamily and friendsCarl Jung's view of extroverted and introverted types serves as a basis of the __Myers-Briggs Type IndicatorCarl Jung referred to the _____ as the mask we adopt.personaIna can no longer read the street signs, but she refuses to admit she needs glasses to drive. Which defense mechanism does this exemplify?denialIngrid is energized by being alone, speaks slowly and softly, and avoids attention. Carl Jung would call her a(an) _____introvertEli seeks attention, acts first while thinking later, and prefers verbal communication. Carl Jung would describe him as a(an) ____extrovert