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complex virusesvirions composed of several parts, each with separate shapes and symmetriesenveloped virusA virus enclosed within a phospholipid membrane derived from its host cell.SmallpoxA highly contagious viral disease characterized by fever, weakness, and skin eruption with pustules that form scabs; responsible for killing Native Americans.polioA highly contagious infectious disease of the spinal cord caused by a filterable virus.Influenzaflu virusmeaslesrubeola, characterized by high fever and a red rashrabiesan acute viral infection that is most commonly transmitted to humans by the bite or saliva of an infected animalHepatitiscomes in five varieties labeled A-E common STDHerpesviridaeDouble stranded DNA Enveloped viruses can remain latent in host cells. Common types are Simplex 1, 2chicken poxvaricella zoster virus form that effects childrenShinglesvaricella zoster virus form that effects adults who had chicken pox as childrenPapillomavirusvirus that causes warts and is associated with cancerHIVA virus that attacks and destroys the human immune system.fungiA kingdom made up of nongreen, eukaryotic organisms that have no means of movement, reproduce by using spores, and get food by breaking down substances in their surroundings and absorbing the nutrientsalgaePlantlike protistsProtozoaanimal-like protists