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Which was NOT a major center of power in the Middle Ages

a) the church b) the state c) the townspeople


Which is NOT an event that occurred during the Middle Ages?

a) the Crusades to the Holy Lands
b) the Reformation
c) the formation of a strong, centralized government


Which ruler championed the cause of education in the Middle Ages and formed a large library?


TRUE/FALSE. Hildegard of Bingen, a nun from western Germany, made important contributions to secular music in the Middle Ages.


TRUE/FALSE.The church was the major patron of music in the Middle Ages


An abundance of musical compositions survive from ancient civilizations such as Greece and Rome.


Medieval monasteries played a central role in the preservation of knowledge from earlier cultures.


Which is NOT true of the later Middle Ages?

a) the general public received a basic education
b) the cult of Mary raised the status of women
c) national literary epics were written

C. the general public received a basic education

Vernacular is seen as

The the language of the people.

Musical Styles time frame:

400 AD- 1450 Middle Ages
600-850 geogorian chant
850-1150 romaesque period
1150-1450 gothic period
1450-1600 renaissance period
1600-1750 Baroque period

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