13 terms

Trival sorter

1 does the it block respetors
The mechanism of action for the class of drug
2 will the patient have a rush
kinetic properties, major side effects or major action tha are com -mon to all drug in the class
3 drug for symptom would treat pain etc.
is (are the drugs the drug of choice for some disordoer or symptom?
4 asprin
name recognition what drug are in this class?
unique features about single drug in the class
6 bleeding could rare side effect
are there any side effects ( rare or not ) that may be fatal?
7 ETOH and some drugs effect
drug interactions
8 rare side effect are commom
rare side effects or actions that are common to all drugs in the class
Rar side effects or actions for single in the class
10 metabolized
Percentage of drug that is metabolized versus renal excretion
11 half-life
half-life of each drug in the class
12 negative result
Teratogenicity of each drug in the class
structure of each drug in the class