Forensic Entomology Ch 15 End of Chapter Quiz

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The major contribution of forensic entomology to death investigation is
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Forensic anthropology can be used to link a suspect to a crime scene. (T/F)TrueThe life cycle of a fly will slow down in very cold weather (T/F)TrueThe blowfly is usually the first insect that will discover a dead body (T/F)TrueInsect evidence is often treated as a nuisance by investigators and pathologists. (T/F)TrueIf temperatures are moderate, a forensic entomologist can determine a PMI to within 1 hour of death. (T/F)FalseFly larvae go through four instars before becoming an adult. (T/F)FalseSome arthropods such as spiders will actually move into a corpse for a time and make it their home. (T/F)TrueInstardevelopmental stage of a flyomnivore insecteats other insects as well as fleshinsecticidechemical that retards insect activitybloated stagea stage of decompositionmaggotfly larva