IB Geography - Leisure, Tourism, and Sport

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Cultural Site
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Cultural Site
A place that relates to a group of people and their history, beliefs, practices, and traditions.
people traveling to a place for a day
the practice and business of recreational travel (tourism) based on concern for the environment
heritage site
an official location where pieces of political, military, cultural, or social history have been preserved due to their cultural heritage value
heritage tourism
based on an historic legacy (landscape feature, historic building or event) as its major attraction.
Any freely chosen activity or experience that takes place in non-work time
leisure activity
An activity, sport, or other experience that people participate in during their free (nonwork) time.
leisure time
time free from work or duties
adventure tourism
tourism activities which focus on adventure activities, usually for the individual in a challenging natural environment
movie location tourism
the growing interest and demand for locations which became popular due to their appearance in films and television series
perpetual carrying capacity
The maximum number before a specific group of visitors considers the level of impact, such as noise, to be excessive
sustainable tourism
Tourism that conserves primary tourist resources and supports the livelihoods and culture of local people.
primary tourist/recreational resources
The pre-existing attractions for tourism or recreation (that is, those not built specifically for the purpose), including climate, scenery, wildlife, indigenous people, cultural and heritage sites. These are distinguished from secondary tourist/recreational resources, which include accommodation, catering, entertainment and shopping
A leisure-time activity undertaken voluntarily and for enjoyment. It includes individual pursuits, organized outings and events, and non-paid (non-professional) sports
recreational facilities
a public facility for recreation