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  1. Dearth
  2. Harbinger
  3. Indissoluble
  4. Ingenious
  5. Peerless
  1. a permanent; impossible to dissolve or disintegrate
  2. b foreshadow or presage
  3. c innocent, nieve
  4. d a lack, scarcity, inadequate supply; a famine
  5. e without equal

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  1. steadiness of mind under stress
  2. having to do with the body or the physical world
  3. royal authority
  4. prediction of the future
  5. having or showing no mercy

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  1. Predominatesto surpass others in authority or influence


  2. Aniontedto be religiously coated with oil


  3. Indulgenttolerant or lenient


  4. Perturbationthe act of causing disorder


  5. Antipathya deep hatred or dislike