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  1. Lamentation
  2. Despondency
  3. Verity
  4. Judicious
  5. Quell
  1. a proceeding from good sense or judgment
  2. b conformity to reality or actuality
  3. c lose of hope, dispair
  4. d to put an end to
  5. e expressing grief or sorrow

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  1. The person/people telling the prophecy
  2. permanent; impossible to dissolve or disintegrate
  3. murder of your own parents
  4. showing respect and honor
  5. the act of causing disorder

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  1. Misanthropistsudden violent outburst


  2. Peremptoryconformity to reality or actuality


  3. Portentprediction of the future


  4. Sovereigntyconformity to reality or actuality


  5. Antipathya deep hatred or dislike