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  1. Ingenious
  2. Parricide
  3. Verity
  4. Clamorous
  5. Recompense
  1. a conformity to reality or actuality
  2. b noisy
  3. c murder of your own parents
  4. d make amends for
  5. e innocent, nieve

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  1. angered at something unjust or wrong
  2. steadiness of mind under stress
  3. to be religiously coated with oil
  4. showing respect and honor
  5. prediction of the future

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  1. Portentboldly rude or disrespectful


  2. Peerlesshaving or showing no mercy


  3. Disburseto pay out, expend (money)


  4. Ignobleboldly rude or disrespectful


  5. Corporealhaving to do with the body or the physical world