31 terms

computer 4

data that has been processed into a useful form
output device
any type of hardware component that conveys information to one or more people
display device
output device that visually conveys text, graphics, and video information
soft copy
information on a display device, exists electronically and appears for a temporary period
flat-panel display
lightweight display device with a shallow depth and flat screen that typically uses LCD or gas plasma technology
LCD(liquid crystal display)
uses a liquid compound to present information on a display device
organic LED( light emitting dio)
newer type of technology that uses organic molecules that produce an even brighter, easier-to-read display than standard TFT display
number of horizontal and vertical pixels in a display device
single point in an electronic image
plasma monitor
display device that uses gas plasma technology, which sandwiches a layer of gas between two gas plates
most advanced form of digital television, provides resolution up to 1920 x 1080 pixels
CRT monitor
desktop monitor that contains a cathode ray tube
flat screen CRT
flat screen that uses cathode ray tubes
viewable size
diagonal measurement of the actual viewing area provided by the screen in CRT monitors
hard copy
exists physically and is a more permanent form of output than that presented on a display device
bluetooth printing
computer or other device transmits output to a printer via radio waves
infrared printing
printer communicates with a computer or other device using infrared waves
inkjet printer
type of nonimpact printer that forms characters and graphics by spraying tiny drops of liquid ink onto a piece of paper
photo printer
color printer that produces photo-lab quality pictures
laser printer
high-speed, high-quality nonimpact printer
multifunctional peripheral
all-in-one device, is a single device that looks like a printer or a copy machine but provides the functionality of a printer, scanner, copy machine, and a fax machine
thermal printer
generates images by pushing electrically heated pins against heat-sensitive paper
mobile printer
small, lightweight, battery-powered printer that allows a mobile user to print from a notebook computer, smart phone, or other mobile device while traveling
label printer
small printer that prints on an adhesive type material
postage printer
special type of label printer that prints postage stamps
sophisticated printers used to produce high-quality drawings such as blueprints, maps, and circuit boards
large format printer
creates photo-realistic -quality color prints
voice output
occurs when you hear a persons voice or when the computer talks to you through the speakers of the computer
dot-matrix printer
produces printed images when tiny wire pins on a print head mechanism strike an inked ribbon
LCD projector
uses liquid crystal display technology
DLP projector
uses tiny mirrors to reflect light