HL Geography Review Unit 3: Global Resource Consumption and Security

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New Global Middle Class
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New Global Middle Class
Increase in the size of the middle class on a worldwide scale
The linkages between resources to show the effects that they have on one another and how they are connected within society
Boserup Theory
Idea that changes in population size will have an effect on the intensity of agricultural production
Malthusian Theory
the idea that population is growing faster than the food supply needed to sustain it
Neo-Malthusian Theory
Idea similar to Malthus although population and food supply can be controlled through sustainability
Natalist Policies
Policies promoting or advocating child birth rates
Anti-Natalist Policies
Policies reducing child birth rates
UN Sustainable Development Goals
17 goals that promote desires of health, wellbeing, and equal rights worldwide
Resource Stewardship
Appropriate allocation of resources to protect the environment through conservation and sustainable practices
Circular Economy
System aimed to eliminate waste and control resources through production and consumption in the world
Anti-Malthusian Theory
Idea that humans can increase resource production to combat population change
Biotic Resources
Resources that are derived from the biosphere (ex: living organisms)
Carbon Emissions
Carbon produced through production or daily activities
Carbon Footprint
Total greengouse gas emissions caused by person, event, etc.
Depletion of Green Space
Amount decrease in total green space