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chapters 1-12 in book and 2, 4,7 in the politics book

In 1686, James II attempted to restructure the entire New England area, including New York, by creating the_____

Dominion of New England

The Frenchman who travelled deep into the North American interior in search of furs were known as__

coureurs de bois

What sixteenth-century European upheaval had a profound impact upon England's settlement of the New World?

the Reformation

Enumerated goods

could be sold only to the mother country

At the time of Columbus's first voyage in 1492,

most educated Europeans did not believe the earth was flat

Columbus originally was determined to prove that

a westward water route to China exsisted

In their relations with the Native Americans, the French

tended to cultivate good relations because of the Native Americans' knowledge of fur trapping

By the end of the seventeenth century, Virginia could best be described as

a plantation society, dominated by a slave holding aristocracy

Anne Hutchinson's skillful self-defense at her trial before the magistrates of Massachusetts bay was ruined by

her claim of personal revelation.

The treaty of Tordesillas of 1492 resulted in

Portuguese control of Brazil

Which colonial group tended to be the most flagrant violators of the Navigation Acts

New England

The shifting patterns of the eighteenth-century colonial trade helped to

"anglicize" American culture

Although women arrived in Jamestown as early as 1608, the majority of immigrants to the colony were

young, single males who came as indentured servants

Puritans viewed which of the following as essential to their New England commonwealth?

a healthy family life

All of the following contributed to the rise of nation-states in Europe in the fifteenth century EXCEPT


The peaceful ousting of James II by Parliament in 1688 was known as

the Glorious Revolution

The woman known as the "Protestant Queen" was

Queen Elizabeth of England

From the begining of colonization, Spain regarded her New World domain as primarily

a source of precious metal

In 1636, authorities in Massachusetts Bay banished Roger Williams because

of his defense of Native American rights and demand for separation of church and state

Of the estimated 11 million African slaves carried to America, the great majority were sent to

Brazil and the Caribbean

Large numbers of the first English settlers in the Carolinas came from


Which of the following revolutionized early Native American cultures?

the development of agriculture

The great rebellion of Native Americans in New England in 1675 was known as

King Philip's war

Which of the following individuals was responsible for starting the Protestant Revolt in Europe?

Martin Luther

From 1686 until 1689, the royal governor of the Dominion of New England was

Edumund Andros

The Navigation Acts established the principle that

all of the above

The largest group of white, non-English immigrants to the colonies were

the Scotch-Irish

The French empire in North America succeeded because of the

fur trade

The explanation for the tremendous population growth of seventeenth-century New England can be found in the

long lives of New England settlers

Which of the following was NOT a possible cause of the Salem witchcraft histeria

Salem's history of engaging in occult practices

Which of the following wars between England and France had the greatest political and economic impact on colonial America?

the seven years' war (also called the "French and Indian War")

Upon arriving in the New World, English settlers

generally adapted old beliefs to the new environment

The leading figure at the Albany Congress, and designer of the Albany Plan, was

Benjamin Franklin

The Pilgrims, who left Holland to settle in AMerica,

did so because they believed that their way of life was being undermined by the ways of their Dutch hosts.

New England families were unique because of the presence of


Which of the following was NOT a consequence of the Seven Years' War?

It lead to the creation of a new colony

The document in which the Pilgrims established a civil government for their Plymouth colony has become known as the

Mayflower Compact

The joint-stock company

encouragaed investment in colonial enterprises, which "limited liability" for the investors

The individual who did the most to promote English colonization of North America was

Richard Hakluyt

Geographically, the French claimed and settled

the Mississippi Valley and Canada

British authorities based their colonial commercial policies on the theory of


The term____was used in Spanish America to describe people of mixed European and Indian ancestry


Unlike Virginia, Maryland was established

as a religious sanctuary for persecuted Catholics from England

The Great Awakening

took places in many regions of the colonies over several decades of the eighteenth century

Which one of the following was NOT a factor that stimulated English migration to the New World?

government lawss that forced the migration of the poorer classes

The selection of a site for Jamestown was primarily based o the settlers'

fear of surprise attacks

What did the Great Awakening, intercolonial trade, and the rise of the colonial assemblies have in common?

they all contibuted to a growing sense of shared indentity

The___company was responsible for the settlement of Jamestown in Virginia.


The men largely responsible for Spain's conquest of the New World were known as

los conquistadores

The Half-Way Covenant of the seventeenth-century New ENgland

lessened, shomewhat, the requirments for baptism as a Congregationalist

Which of the following was NOT an important effect of the Great Awakening?

It strengthened the authority of the old colonial religions

Which rebellion was an outgrowth of tensions between the older Dutch patrons and the new Anglo-Dutch elite?

Leisler's Rebellion

Most Spanish colonists were

more racially tolerant than their English counterparts

The leader of the failed Roanoke colony was

Walter Raleigh

Which one of the following individuals was not a prominent preacher during the Great Awakening

John Locke

All of the following provided a basis for the Reformation in England EXCEPT

a literate and devout clergy

Which of the following countries is incorrectly matched with one of its colonies


The attitude of King James I toward tobacco

showed that, in the end, he valued revenue more than good health.

The one American who, more than anyone else, symbolized the spirit of the Enlightenment was

Benjamin Franklin

Under the "headright" system in VIrginia,

all new arrivals who had paid their trans-Atlantic fares received fifty-acre land grants

In Massachusetts Bay, "freeman status" was granted to adult males who

were church members

THe single greatest factor that caused the destruction of Native Americans after contact with Europeans was


The first institution of high learning founded in England's mainland colonies was


The aggressive Native American people who occupied the valley of Mexico when the Spanish arrived were the


Jamestown might have gone the way of Roanoke had it not been for the perseverance of

Captin John Smith

The major source of Anglo-French conflict in the colonies was

control of the MIssissippi and Ohio Valleys

Seventeenth-century Quakers were known for their

belief in humility and pacifism

Unlike their southern counterparts, the first Englishmen who came to New England were

religious refugees

The English rehearsed for settlement in the New World by colonizing


According to the religious philosophy of John Calvin and his followers,

God controlled who would receive salvation

The main staple of the Carolina colonies' and economy by close of the seventeenth century


The Portuguese explored West Africa searching for

gold and slaves (both A and B)

Colonial ministers who opposed the Great Awakening were known as

"old Lights"

Which of the following does NOT accurately describe Bacon's purposes during the rebellion that bears his name

to abolish slavery and make Virginia a more deomcratice society

The two most important leaders of the Great Awakening in colonial America were

Johnathan Edwards and George Whitfield

Which one of the following individuals is INCORRECTLY associated with the colony he established

George Calvet-Pennsylvania

The factor most responsible for the growth in the American colonies bewtween 1700 and 1770 was the

natural reproduction of colonial families

Which one of the following was NOT a power possessed by royal governors in the American colonies

the right to dismiss elected members of the colonial assemblies

The first permanent European sttlement in North America was

St. Augustine

In order to better control the conquistadores in the New World, the Spanish government created

the encomienda

Which of the following wars between England and France had the greatest political and economic impact on colonial America?

the Seven Years' War(also called the "French and Indian War")

The major source of Anglo-French conflict in the colonies was

the control of the Mississippi and Ohio Valleys

Which of the following was NOT a consquence of the Seven Years' War?

It led to the creation of a new colony

Fort Duquesne was renamed


American colonists, in the years just after the conclusion of the Seven Years' War, could be characterized best as

optimistic about the future

In the 1760s and 1770s, most member of Parliament

had little understanding and knowledge of colonial affairs.

The central element in the Anglo-American debate over governance was known as

parliamentary soverignty

Central to the colonists' position in the Anglo-American debate over parliamentary powers was

their strong belief in the powers of their own provincial assemblies

A major source of information for the colonists was


England passed the Coercive Acts in repsonse to

the Boston Tea Party

Aggravating the problems created by the Seven Years' War debt was

George III's desire to maintain a large standing army.

The Stamp Act of 1765 affected

the lives of ordinary people, as well as those of the elite

The boycott movement against the Stamp Act

mobilized colonial women to action

The _______extended Canadian boundaries into the Ohio Valley and recognized civil rights for Roman Catholics.

Quebec Act

The Boston massacre

raised the possibility of colonial armed resistance.

Samuel Adams' role prior to 1774 can best be described as

genuine revolutionary

The Tea Act of 1773 was passed in order to

save the East India Company

A major difficulty that confronted the Frist Continental Congress was

the fact that the delegates from different regions were unfamiliar with one another.

The most important responsiblity facing the Second Continental Congress was to

organize the colonies for war

Common Sense

provided the colonists with a rationale for revolution.

The Declaration of Independence

stated that all men "are created equal" and blamed George III for much of the impasse( both A and B)

Which of the following explains why England lost the war?

British strategists did not understand how to fight the war.

Americans who sided with the British during the War of Independence were known as


The radical American group which first emerged during the Stamp Act crisis was known as

the Sons of Liberty

In 1779, military strategists predicted that Britain's last chance for victory over the colonies lay in

a successful campaign in the American south

The Treaty of Paris of 1783

allowed Americans the opportunity for an independent nation

Which of the following was NOT a task facing the new nation.

how to deal with harassment from the British

The British commander who surrendered at Yorktown in 1781 was


The American victory that brought about the French alliance occured at


The English political philosopher most often cited by American rebels was

John Locke

Which of the following prohibited colonial settlement west of the Appalachian mountains

Proclamation of 1763

The leader of the anti-Stamp Act movement in VIrginia was

Patrick Henry

The major consequence of the Boston Tea Party in 1773 was the passage of the

Coercive Acts

The Pamphlet _______presented justification to the Americans for their break with Great Britian

common sense

The tensions leading to the Boston Massacre were caused by

the presence of several thousand British soldiers in Boston.

Essential to the establishment of a colonial alliance with the French was the work of

Benjamin Franklin

One consequence of the Townshed Acts was

the strengthening of intercolonial unity

As a result of the Sugar Act, the duty on molasses was

reduced significantly

George II believed

the monarch should make policies for the empire.

For the British, French intervention meant

a change in military strategy

The Primary author of the Declaration of Independence was

Thomas Jefferson

The American Revolution was based upon the ideas of

European political thinkers

The foundation of John Lock's philosophy was that human beings

derive their rights from nature

Which of these was NOT among John Locke's key philosophical concepts?

checks and balances

The Declaration of Independence argued that

people should revolt when they suffer deep injustices

The American Revolution

was an essentially conservative movement that did not drastically alter the colonists' way of life

Under the Articles of Confederation, most power reseted with the

state legislatures

Under the Articles of Confederation, Congress had the power to

maintain an army and navy

Under the Articles of Confederation, power in the states began to shift to the hands of

middle-class farmers and craft workers

In post-Revolutionary America, state governors were often selected by

state legislatures

A small band of farmers in western Massachusetts took up arms in what is remembered as

Shays' Rebellion

After the Revolution, James Madison observed that "the most common and durable source of faction has been

the various and unequal divisions of property"

What was the significance of the Annapolis meeting?

it issued the original call for the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia

Those who met at the Constitutional Convention in 1787 were

wealthy planters, lawyers, and merchants

What was the original, sole, and express purpose of the convention in Philadelphia?

revise the Articles of Confederation

What view of human nature did the delegates at the Consitutional Convention have?

cynical-human beings are selfish and greedy

The______, offered as one possible scheme at the Consitutional Convention, called for each state to be equally represented in Congress

New Jersey Plan

Which of these was NOT one of the big three disagreements at the Constitutional Convention?

whether the courts should have the power of judicial reivew

As originally established by the Consitution, the House of Representatives had how many members from each state?

it depended on the state's population

The Connecticut Compromise at the Constitutional Convention

resolved the impass between those who favored the New Jersey Plan and those who preferred the Virginia Plan

In determining congressinal representation and taxation the Constitution

counted slaves as three-fifths of a person

Regarding the right to vote in national elections, the framers of the Constitution

decided to leave it up to the individual states to determine voter qualifications in their own states.

Which of the following was NOT one of the economic difficulties the writers of the COnstitution attempted to address?

lack of unemployment compensation and welfare payments

The framers of the Constitution gave the chief economic policymaking role to


The Constitution prohibited the states from doing each of the following EXCEPT

establishing a republican form of government

Two key elements of the Madisonian model were to

keep most of the government beyond the control of a popular majority and separate the powers of different institutions

The system of checks and balances in the Constitution means that

change usually comes slowly, if at all, and moderation and compromise are typical in our political system

The Federalist Papers were

essays in support of the ratification of the Constitution

Rarification of the Constitution

needed the approval of nine states.

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