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Bob Cratchit

Scrooge's honest and hard-working clerk; Tiny Tim's father

Ebnezer Scrooge

A miserly and shrewd businessman who is transformed into a generous and caring person

Fred Hollywell

Scrooge's nephew who invites him to Christmas dinner

TIm Cratchit

Bob Cratchit's crippled son. He is cheerful and loving

Jacob Marley's ghost

Scrooge's former partner who appears in chains, and his warning offers Scrooge a chance to escape similar fate

Ghost of Christmas past

The first spirit who enables Scrooge to relive sad and happy moments in his past in order for him to understand the person he is.


Scrooge's sister

Silas Scrooge

Scrooge's father

Mr. Fezzwig

The caring owner of the dry goods establishment where Scrooge first apprenticed


Scrooge's beautiful fiance who releases Scrooge from their marriage contract because of his obsession with money

Ghost of Christmas Present

The second spirit who forces Scrooge to face reality. He takes him to visit the families of Bob Cratchit, Fred Hollywell, and an unemployed man.

Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come

The third spirit; he does not speak. He takes Scrooge to show him people's reactions to both his death and Tiny Tim's

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