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History Alive The Ancient World Chapter 6

Exploring Four Empires of Mesopotamia

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One problem with independent city-states was
they could not defend themselves against stronger groups
Akkadians, Babylonians, and Assyrians were
empires: one government ruling several groups
This leader's empire came first
Akkadians used steles to
record events
Tribute from conquered people helped
Akkadians get the resources to build up their capital city
Akkadians gained power over Sumer using their
military strategy
The Code of Laws was written by
Assyrian Empire's capital
Babylon's legal system was more advanced at time, because
it gave women some rights
The purpose of: siege technique, battering rams, and movable towers was for...
conquering cities
The purpose of Assyrian aqueducts was to...
bring water to the city
Who took many Israelites to Babylon as captives?
Where were the Hanging Gardens of Babylon planted?
high on a royal palace
Nebuchadrezzar built two walls, towers, and a moat around his capital; why?
protection for city from attacks
All four empires had this problem.
controlling such a large area
a large territory in which several groups of people are ruled by a single leader or government
akkadian empire
the first mesopotamia empire
assyrian empire
a cruel and powerful mesopotamia empire
Babylonian empire
the first mesopotamia empire that had codes
neo-babylonian empire
the new babylonian mesopotamia empire
A Babylonian king who conquered Jerusalem,and built the Hanging Gardens of Babylon
Assyria's capital along the Tigris river
Persian empire
at its height in the 400 bc he largest empire the world had ever known ruling over land in africa the middle east and asia
A conqueror who defeated the city-states of Sumer.
a city thats in the center of gorvernment
wealth sent from one country or ruler to another as a sign that the other is superior
a military blockade and attack on a city to force it to surrender
a pipe or channel that brings water from distant places
a sculpture in which the image projects out from a flat surface
the study of stars and planets
the king of babylonian