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YES SOME ARE BACKWARDS. Just do one half, then the other flipped around.


Year Communist Party took power in China


Government creates "one-child policy"

Little Emperors and aborted female fetuses

One-child policy created

Oldest written language (2,000 years)

Chinese langugae

Han, 92%

Main Ethnic Group of China and percent

Tibetans, Mongols, Uyghur

Minorities of China


Women had more or less rights/ opportunities than others in develping nations?


Before 1949, what % of China was literate?


Now, what % of China is literate


What % of high school students go to college

4.2 million

Between 1998 and 2005 China increased # of students to what?


Today there is more or less indoctrination of Communist ideals?

Deng Xiaoping

Which CCP boss began the economic liberalization?

Special Economic Zones

General names for cities (mini- Hong Kongs) where capitalism is legal


What % of the Chinese economic system is Mixed free-market?


What % of the Chinese economic system is controlled by the government?


China joined the World Trade Organization in what year?

industrial production

China is heavily dependant on what for its economy?

the Yuan

What is China's currency?

it is undervalued

What is special about Chinese currency?

Allows Chinese goods to be very Cheap, but makes it harder to sell foriegn goods to China

What does undervaluing Chinese currency do?

Unemployment,Class inequality, Urban East vs. Rural West, Disputes over Private Property, Crime
Corruption,Environmental Degradation, Rising HIV/AIDs rates (over 20 mil. by 2010)

Problems resulting form Economic reforms


When was innocent until proven guitly introduced in Chinese criminal law?


% of accused on trial that are found guilty

Tiananmen Square

CCP used force to crush what student uprising?

60 million (5% of pop)

CCP (Chinese Communist Party) has how many members?

Workers, Peasants, Intellectuals and Capitalists

Since 2001, CCP has focused on what three categories of people?


The media is in what state of freedom?

Richard Nixon

Who was the first president to visit China since 1949?


When did the first president since 1949 visit China?

Modernize military, Taiwan, secure resources, Keep North Korea under control, Continue to expand economy

China's foreign policy issues


Japan has been incredibly (successful/poor) at reinventing itself after the disaster of WWII.


Japan has always been resource (rich/poor).


True or False: Japan and the USA did not become close economically and politically after the war

Jumpstart economy, protected from Communism

2 ways the USA helped Japan after WWII


Until the 1990s, Japanese workers were paid (more/less) than workers in Europe and America, but now this is reversed.


True or False: High cost of living in Japan has reduced buying power


Has Japan's family size increased or decreased?


Name a company the Japanese moved to America


The average Japanese worker works ____ more hours a week than the average American worker

1) Better infrastructure after WWII
2) USA aid during Cold War
3) Government assistance to business
4) Export Economic Strategy
5) Weak Labor Unions
6) Lifetime Employment
7) Hard Work = High Savings
8) Low military and welfare spending
9) Stable family structure
10) Huge investment in education

The 10 Commandments of Japan's Economic Success

Imitative, Preventive, Pragmatic, Obligative, Inquisitive

5 Cultural Characteristics of Japan

Copy success, teach conformity, beginning to change to be like the West and individualistic

Describe Japan's "Imitative" Charateristic

Prefer long range to short range planning, very cautious and careful, foreknowledge over postmortem analysis

Describe Japan's "Preventive" Charateristic

Focus on the common good, high personal savings rates, higher interest rate

Describe Japan's "Pragmatic" Charateristic

Strong sense of duty and honor, high respect for authority, slackers are not tolerated

Describe Japan's "Obligative" Charateristic

Very knowledgeable of other cultures, English is mandatory

Describe Japan's "Inquistive" Charateristic

Drug Policies of 1960s and 1970s

Example of Japan's view of focusing on the common good rather than individual freedoms


Saving Rates of Japanese

6 million

Number of Japanese who travel abroad every year


The debate over Japan's role in the world


Japan's Drop-out Rate


Drop out age in Japan


True or False: Entry into high school in Japan is automatic


Also known as a "cram school"

Over 200

Number of school days in Japan


Percent of students who attend voluntary Saturday school

Suicide rates, Bullying

2 things Japanese students have very high rates of


Another word for bullying


Month when most large businesses hire new employees


True or False: Everyone in a business in Japan receives differing pays and gets promotions at their own pace


True or False: New employees are expected to learn the company song, live in company apartments, shop at company stores, and utilize company transporation

the open

The boss in a Japanese office is most likely found in (the open/a corner office).


Average marrying age for a Japanese man


Average marrying age for a Japanese woman


Which takes priority in Japanese society: work or family?


Age when most Japanese workers retire


Word meaning "extended family"


Word meaning "company"


Percent of marraiges in Japan that are still arranged


True or False: Women in Japan are seen as socially equal to men.


Japan has very (high/low) birth rates.


Official Religion of Japan


Most Common Religion in Japan

low, high

Japan has (high/low) rates of violent or "public crime" but (high/low) rates of "white collar" or private crime.

The Diet

The National Parliament of Japan

Liberal Democratic Party

Most popular political party in Japan


True or False: Japan's constitution forbids the military from engaging or having offensive capabilities


Japan has a very (pacifist/aggressive) foreign policy.


True or False: Japan currently supports weapons of mass destruction, even with changes in the region (China and North Korea)

Natural Disaster

Japan's government spends a lot on ___________ preparations.

Countries of South Asia (8)

Aghanistan, Pakistan, India, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal


% of Humanity in South Asia sub-continent


% of world's muslims in South Asia


% of humanity in India

% of world's landmass in india


India's GDP has an equal percentage of what two things?

Industry and Agriculture

India's annual GDP growth


Where is India's "bread basket"?

Northern plains of Ganges River

Where is the "Hindu heartland"?

The Deccan plain

What three major cities are on the Deccan plain?

Hyderabad, Ahmadabad, Bangalore

What is Hyderabad's industry?

rapid high-tech/software (IT) technology

What is Ahmadabad's industry?

textile mills

What is Bangalore's industry?

telecommunications, computers, military equipment

What are 3 of India's 4 largest cities on the coast?

Mumbai (Bombay), Kolkata (Calcutta), and Chennai (Madras)

What is India's most well-known Coast?

The Malabar Coast

When were the cities on the coast built up?

During the era of European colonialism

What are the cities on the coast dominant in ?

financial and international trade buisness

By ______, India is projected to have the largest urban population in the world.


% of people in Inida that live in small rural poor villages


What are the two most common languagese in India?

Hindi and English

India is home to ____ languages


no language is spoken or understood by more than ___% in India


% of Indian population that is Hindu


% of Indian population that is Muslim

12% (125 million)

% of Indian population in poverty


India's middle class is about the same in population as

the entire US

India is the world's ________ democracy (size)


Who founded the Congress Party?

Jawarhalal Nehru

Who is JAwarhalal Nehru's daughter and grandson (two people)

Indira, Rajiv

What does Jati mean

to be born

India was founded as ___ state


What three movements have challenged India's secularism?

sikh movement in Punjab, Hindu nationalism, Jammu and Kashmir

How many times has war between India and Pakistan?

3 (1948,1965, 1971)

What party supports Hindu Nationalism?

Bharatiya Janata Party

How many times has war almost broken out?

3 (1992, 2002, 2008)

With which neighbor did India have a brief border war and lose?

China (1962)

% of world market for software creation, professional-services consulting, and call center support


Who is India's current prime minister and where did he start to reform India's economy?

Manmohan Singh, finance minister

Where does most of Pakistan lie?

Indus River Valley

What dyansty havely influenced Muslims in South Asia?


% of Pakistan is Sunni


How many Hindus and Muslims switched nations when Pakistan split?

14 million

Who was the "father of Pakistan?"

Mohammed Ali Jinnah

How long did Jinnah rule?

13 months

How long did Jinnah's succesor rule?

3 years (assassinated)

When did East Pakistan (Benegalis) declare independace from West Pakistan?


What is Pakistan's national language?


Who speaks Urdu as main language?

mohajirs (immigrants form India who live in cities)

What are the four main ethnic regions of Pakistan?

Punjabis, Sindh, Baluchistan, Pashtun

What are Pakistan's challenges to stability?

Islamic fundamentalism, Economic disparity, Weak democracy, dependance on military, Education and health

AFghanistan has suffered from continous warfare for over the past ___ years


Aghanistan is roughly the size of what state?


% of arable land in Afghanistan


% of world's heroin produced in Afghanistan?


What are the 3 distinct ethnic/ linguistic groups in Afghanistan?

Uzebecks and Turkemen,Hazara,Pashtuns

Unique things about Bangladesh

poorest nation in South Asia, in constant threat of floodings and monsoons, most densely populated nation in ASia (141 mil. in wisconson), most cohesive population, 100% Benegal &sunni muslim

1) Climate
3) Tribalism
4) Lack of Industrial Economy
5) Corrupt Kleptocratic government

5 "Problems" within Africa

Bantu Tribe

Tribe in Africa most people identify with


True or False: Africa has the oldest human heritage and the most diverse human population


Africa has over ________ languages in 53 nations

Islam, Christianity, Native Faiths

Religions/Faiths present in Africa

The Plateau Continent

Another name for Africa


The breakup of ________ caused massive uplift to the plateaus of Africa

Gold, Diamonds

2 minerals Africa is rich in

1) Desertification
2) Moisture in South along rivers
3) Deforestation
4) Ancient Soils

Environmental Issues in Africa


Desert in Africa currently experiencing desertification


True or False: Africa has little reliance on wood as a fuel because of its many oil reserves


True or False: Most of Africa's oil reserves are exported to other countries

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