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Larkins Exam Review

YES SOME ARE BACKWARDS. Just do one half, then the other flipped around.
Year Communist Party took power in China
Government creates "one-child policy"
Little Emperors and aborted female fetuses
One-child policy created
Oldest written language (2,000 years)
Chinese langugae
Han, 92%
Main Ethnic Group of China and percent
Tibetans, Mongols, Uyghur
Minorities of China
Women had more or less rights/ opportunities than others in develping nations?
Before 1949, what % of China was literate?
Now, what % of China is literate
What % of high school students go to college
4.2 million
Between 1998 and 2005 China increased # of students to what?
Today there is more or less indoctrination of Communist ideals?
Deng Xiaoping
Which CCP boss began the economic liberalization?
Special Economic Zones
General names for cities (mini- Hong Kongs) where capitalism is legal
What % of the Chinese economic system is Mixed free-market?
What % of the Chinese economic system is controlled by the government?
China joined the World Trade Organization in what year?
industrial production
China is heavily dependant on what for its economy?
the Yuan
What is China's currency?
it is undervalued
What is special about Chinese currency?
Allows Chinese goods to be very Cheap, but makes it harder to sell foriegn goods to China
What does undervaluing Chinese currency do?
Unemployment,Class inequality, Urban East vs. Rural West, Disputes over Private Property, Crime
Corruption,Environmental Degradation, Rising HIV/AIDs rates (over 20 mil. by 2010)
Problems resulting form Economic reforms
When was innocent until proven guitly introduced in Chinese criminal law?
% of accused on trial that are found guilty
Tiananmen Square
CCP used force to crush what student uprising?
60 million (5% of pop)
CCP (Chinese Communist Party) has how many members?
Workers, Peasants, Intellectuals and Capitalists
Since 2001, CCP has focused on what three categories of people?
The media is in what state of freedom?
Richard Nixon
Who was the first president to visit China since 1949?
When did the first president since 1949 visit China?
Modernize military, Taiwan, secure resources, Keep North Korea under control, Continue to expand economy
China's foreign policy issues
Japan has been incredibly (successful/poor) at reinventing itself after the disaster of WWII.
Japan has always been resource (rich/poor).
True or False: Japan and the USA did not become close economically and politically after the war
Jumpstart economy, protected from Communism
2 ways the USA helped Japan after WWII
Until the 1990s, Japanese workers were paid (more/less) than workers in Europe and America, but now this is reversed.
True or False: High cost of living in Japan has reduced buying power
Has Japan's family size increased or decreased?
Name a company the Japanese moved to America
The average Japanese worker works ____ more hours a week than the average American worker
1) Better infrastructure after WWII
2) USA aid during Cold War
3) Government assistance to business
4) Export Economic Strategy
5) Weak Labor Unions
6) Lifetime Employment
7) Hard Work = High Savings
8) Low military and welfare spending
9) Stable family structure
10) Huge investment in education
The 10 Commandments of Japan's Economic Success
Imitative, Preventive, Pragmatic, Obligative, Inquisitive
5 Cultural Characteristics of Japan
Copy success, teach conformity, beginning to change to be like the West and individualistic
Describe Japan's "Imitative" Charateristic
Prefer long range to short range planning, very cautious and careful, foreknowledge over postmortem analysis
Describe Japan's "Preventive" Charateristic
Focus on the common good, high personal savings rates, higher interest rate
Describe Japan's "Pragmatic" Charateristic
Strong sense of duty and honor, high respect for authority, slackers are not tolerated
Describe Japan's "Obligative" Charateristic
Very knowledgeable of other cultures, English is mandatory
Describe Japan's "Inquistive" Charateristic
Drug Policies of 1960s and 1970s
Example of Japan's view of focusing on the common good rather than individual freedoms
Saving Rates of Japanese
6 million
Number of Japanese who travel abroad every year
The debate over Japan's role in the world
Japan's Drop-out Rate
Drop out age in Japan
True or False: Entry into high school in Japan is automatic
Also known as a "cram school"
Over 200
Number of school days in Japan
Percent of students who attend voluntary Saturday school
Suicide rates, Bullying
2 things Japanese students have very high rates of
Another word for bullying
Month when most large businesses hire new employees
True or False: Everyone in a business in Japan receives differing pays and gets promotions at their own pace
True or False: New employees are expected to learn the company song, live in company apartments, shop at company stores, and utilize company transporation
the open
The boss in a Japanese office is most likely found in (the open/a corner office).
Average marrying age for a Japanese man
Average marrying age for a Japanese woman
Which takes priority in Japanese society: work or family?
Age when most Japanese workers retire
Word meaning "extended family"
Word meaning "company"
Percent of marraiges in Japan that are still arranged
True or False: Women in Japan are seen as socially equal to men.
Japan has very (high/low) birth rates.
Official Religion of Japan
Most Common Religion in Japan
low, high
Japan has (high/low) rates of violent or "public crime" but (high/low) rates of "white collar" or private crime.
The Diet
The National Parliament of Japan
Liberal Democratic Party
Most popular political party in Japan
True or False: Japan's constitution forbids the military from engaging or having offensive capabilities
Japan has a very (pacifist/aggressive) foreign policy.
True or False: Japan currently supports weapons of mass destruction, even with changes in the region (China and North Korea)
Natural Disaster
Japan's government spends a lot on ___________ preparations.
Countries of South Asia (8)
Aghanistan, Pakistan, India, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal
% of Humanity in South Asia sub-continent
% of world's muslims in South Asia
% of humanity in India
% of world's landmass in india
India's GDP has an equal percentage of what two things?
Industry and Agriculture
India's annual GDP growth
Where is India's "bread basket"?
Northern plains of Ganges River
Where is the "Hindu heartland"?
The Deccan plain
What three major cities are on the Deccan plain?
Hyderabad, Ahmadabad, Bangalore
What is Hyderabad's industry?
rapid high-tech/software (IT) technology
What is Ahmadabad's industry?
textile mills
What is Bangalore's industry?
telecommunications, computers, military equipment
What are 3 of India's 4 largest cities on the coast?
Mumbai (Bombay), Kolkata (Calcutta), and Chennai (Madras)
What is India's most well-known Coast?
The Malabar Coast
When were the cities on the coast built up?
During the era of European colonialism
What are the cities on the coast dominant in ?
financial and international trade buisness
By ______, India is projected to have the largest urban population in the world.
% of people in Inida that live in small rural poor villages
What are the two most common languagese in India?
Hindi and English
India is home to ____ languages
no language is spoken or understood by more than ___% in India
% of Indian population that is Hindu
% of Indian population that is Muslim
12% (125 million)
% of Indian population in poverty
India's middle class is about the same in population as
the entire US
India is the world's ________ democracy (size)
Who founded the Congress Party?
Jawarhalal Nehru
Who is JAwarhalal Nehru's daughter and grandson (two people)
Indira, Rajiv
What does Jati mean
to be born
India was founded as ___ state
What three movements have challenged India's secularism?
sikh movement in Punjab, Hindu nationalism, Jammu and Kashmir
How many times has war between India and Pakistan?
3 (1948,1965, 1971)
What party supports Hindu Nationalism?
Bharatiya Janata Party
How many times has war almost broken out?
3 (1992, 2002, 2008)
With which neighbor did India have a brief border war and lose?
China (1962)
% of world market for software creation, professional-services consulting, and call center support
Who is India's current prime minister and where did he start to reform India's economy?
Manmohan Singh, finance minister
Where does most of Pakistan lie?
Indus River Valley
What dyansty havely influenced Muslims in South Asia?
% of Pakistan is Sunni
How many Hindus and Muslims switched nations when Pakistan split?
14 million
Who was the "father of Pakistan?"
Mohammed Ali Jinnah
How long did Jinnah rule?
13 months
How long did Jinnah's succesor rule?
3 years (assassinated)
When did East Pakistan (Benegalis) declare independace from West Pakistan?
What is Pakistan's national language?
Who speaks Urdu as main language?
mohajirs (immigrants form India who live in cities)
What are the four main ethnic regions of Pakistan?
Punjabis, Sindh, Baluchistan, Pashtun
What are Pakistan's challenges to stability?
Islamic fundamentalism, Economic disparity, Weak democracy, dependance on military, Education and health
AFghanistan has suffered from continous warfare for over the past ___ years
Aghanistan is roughly the size of what state?
% of arable land in Afghanistan
% of world's heroin produced in Afghanistan?
What are the 3 distinct ethnic/ linguistic groups in Afghanistan?
Uzebecks and Turkemen,Hazara,Pashtuns
Unique things about Bangladesh
poorest nation in South Asia, in constant threat of floodings and monsoons, most densely populated nation in ASia (141 mil. in wisconson), most cohesive population, 100% Benegal &sunni muslim
1) Climate
3) Tribalism
4) Lack of Industrial Economy
5) Corrupt Kleptocratic government
5 "Problems" within Africa
Bantu Tribe
Tribe in Africa most people identify with
True or False: Africa has the oldest human heritage and the most diverse human population
Africa has over ________ languages in 53 nations
Islam, Christianity, Native Faiths
Religions/Faiths present in Africa
The Plateau Continent
Another name for Africa
The breakup of ________ caused massive uplift to the plateaus of Africa
Gold, Diamonds
2 minerals Africa is rich in
1) Desertification
2) Moisture in South along rivers
3) Deforestation
4) Ancient Soils
Environmental Issues in Africa
Desert in Africa currently experiencing desertification
True or False: Africa has little reliance on wood as a fuel because of its many oil reserves
True or False: Most of Africa's oil reserves are exported to other countries
Ancient Soils
Much of Africa has poor agricultural productivity because of _______.
Dry Desert
Climate in the North and South of Africa
Climate that dominates Mid-Section of Africa
South Africa
Only nation in Africa with subtropical, marine west coast, and Mediterranean climate
True or False: The climate in South Africa was preferred by European settlers, which allowed a decent wine industry
West Africa, the Horn, and Lake Victoria
Three main concentrations of population
Total Fertitlity Rate
Africa has among the world's highest TFRs. What does TFR stand for?
True or False: Africa's life expectancy rates are increasing
This disease has caused a reduction in most of the productive segement of society
Think its a CIA Plot, think its not an STD, refusal to wear Condoms
Reasons why AIDS is so big in Africa
True or False: Family networks in Africa are large, similar to Latin America
Language, Religion, Slavery
3 Cultural Issues in Africa
Religion with greatest cultural impact on Africa
Colonies, Tribal and Language Lines
Europeans divided Africa based on _______, while Africa was orginally divided based on _______.
English, French, Portuguese
Most Common Languages in Africa
Privileging any given local language would priviege that nation within a multi-national state
Why are English, French, and Portuguese such common languages in Africa?
The migration of Africans to _____ caused considerable trouble over cultural practices
Internal, Atlantic, Islamic
3 Slave Trades
Inter-Tribal Warfare
The main cause of slavery involving Africa
European Weapons
_______ improved efficiency of slaverys in internal slave trade
Chattel Slavery
Slavery in Atlantic as consumption and concubinage into Islamic world
True or False: There was no gender bias in the shipment of slaves
This gender of slaves was mainly shipped to the Atlantic system
This gender of slaves was mainly shipped internally for breeding and to the Islamic world
Methodism, Church of Evangelical "Saints"
2 Religions in the late 1700s that started the end of the Atlantic trade
David Livingstone
Led the fight in the 1880s to end the internal slave trade
Labor Power
Before the 1850s, Africa offered little to the rest of the world but ________
Latin America, Caribbean
2 areas where using slaves for agricultural production was profitable
Malaria, Yellow Fever, Sleeping Sickness
Diseases rampant in Africa pre-1850s
Decade when the mad dash for Africa began
Industrialization, Better Medicine
2 reasons the mad dash for Africa began in thre 1880s
Decade when first anti-malarial drug was made
Name of first anti-malarial drug
Decade when Germany was under Kaiser Wilhelm and there was great need for cotton from Africa
Years when the Berlin Conference occured, as well as the "Grab for Africa"
True or False: Lines drawn on map of Africa were drawn with great attention to pre-existing cultural groups
In the 1950s, ________ gave Europe great pressure, and finally Europe decolonized Africa
The Uhuru/Freedom Year
17 nations became independent in 1960
Early success in decolonization
Ghana, Kenya
2 former British colonies where decolonization was an early success
This nation was decolonized in 1960, but tribal war erupted in 1966
Word created to describe states where oil wealth was given only to narrow tribal elites
Angola, Mozambique : USA, South Africa
1970s: Marxist states established in _______ and _______, bloodily resisted by _______ and _______
South Africa, Israel
_____ and _____ co-operated to become a nuclear power and even tested nuclear weapons, but both renounced weapons in 1991
Extrative Economy
Economy dependent on natural resources or crops
True or False: The average Africa is poorer today than in the 1960s
South Africa
Nation which contains over 1/3 of Sub-Saharan Africa's GDP
Nigeria, South Africa
2 nations which account for over 1/2 of SSA's economic output
Gold, Diamonds
South Africa's main export
Nigeria's main export
Life expectancy
________ at birth is dismal for both males and females (lowest overall rates on planet)
True or False: Female life expectancy in Africa is often as low as that of men. This is considered normal.
Burkina Faso
Nation in Africa with worst illteracy rates (both in Africa and globally)
Female Labor Force
Participation in the ________ is very low in Africa, but higher than SW Asia/N Africa
1) Inter-Tribal Warfare
3) Extractive Economic Role
4) Poor Soil for Agriculture
5) Kleptocracies
The 5 "Failures" of SSA
Tel Aviv
Saudi Arabia
Belize, Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama
Nations of Central America
Costa Rica, Belize, and Panama
Wealthiest Nations in Central America
Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, and Nicaragua
Poorest Nations in Central America
True or False: Many natives identify with their tribe, not their nationality
True or False: There is a good deal of trust between the poor (Indians) and wealthy (Spanish)
Latinos usually are this, a mixture of white and native
True or False: Latinos can also be Indians who have adopted "white" culture
This group dominates the urban areas and politics of Central America
This group is usually the poorest segment of society
Decades of civil war and conflict have left many nations with easy access to ________.
Urban Violence
As cities become overcrowded, this activity increases
Natural Resources, Land Usage
As nations begin to see a growth in population, this puts severe pressures on _______ and _______.
True or False: Poverty is causing more poor to immigrate to other nations, such as USA and Brazil
Expatriate Money
Money from immigrants who come to a country like America to work, but send most if not all of what they make back to their family.
Central America
Poorest region in the Western Hemisphere
Foreign debts, inflation, currency devalutation, recession, foreign interference, and natural disasters
Factors that have led to Central America's poverty
Two countries who have a long tradition of "activity" in Central America
Cuba, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Trinidad and Tobago, and Barbados
Key Nations in the Carribean
Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados, Virgin Islands, Bahamas, and Puerto Rico
Wealthiest Nations in the Carribean
Haiti, Dominican Republic, Guadalupe, Cuba, and Jamaica
Poorest Nations in the Carribean
West Indian
Refers to Afro-Engliish, Dutch, and French Islands. Does NOT refer to Spanish islands.
A regional free trade community in the Carribean formed in 1973 by 15 nations
Heavier African influence and fewer remaining natives
Differences between Spanish cultured islands and nations of Cental America
The majority of Carribean peoples are of this descent
True or False: Racial tensions are never far below the surface in the Carribean
East Indian and Chinese
2 ethnic groups facing racial tension in Carribean
Communist nation that is culturall similar to Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico, but has failed to spread communism to other islands
One island Cuba did manage to export Communism to
High Birth Rates and Poverty
2 factors leading to many Carribean peoples emmigrating to the USA, Canada, and Great Britain
Brain Drain
When the best and brightest of Latin American families emigrate to the United States, but do not return home
Tourism Money
Many islands rely on ___________ to remain economically viable.
Hurricanes and Global Warming
2 environmental challenges the Carribean faces
Cricket and Soccer
2 popular sports on the British islands
Most popular sport on Spanish speaking islands
Brazil, Agentina, Chile, Colombia, Venezuela, and Peru
Key Nations of South America
Chile, Brazil, Argentina, and Uruguay
Wealthiest Nations of South America
Bolivia and Ecuador
Poorest Nations of South America
Earthquakes, Mudslides, Drought, Tidal Waves, Volcanes, and Landslides
Natural Disasters faced by South America
The South
Which part of South America is wealthier: The North or the South?
Regional, National
Topography and diveristy have caused _______ and _______ cooperation to be difficult.
Mestizos, Native Indian, White, and Brazilian
4 Dominant Ethnic Groups of South America
Most prominent relgion in South America
Evangelical and Charismatic Protestant
2 growing religious groups in South America
Guyana, Suriname
Many African descendants live in ________ and ________, which are both culturally like the Carribean.
Italians, Germans
In the early 20th century, there was a major influx of _________ and ________ to Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay.
True or False: In the last 30 years, millions of poor people have moved from the city to the country
Villa miseria barrios
A form of shanty town or slum found mostly around the largest urban settlements.
Simon Bolivar and Jose de San Martin
2 national heroes of South America
True or False: Many nations share a common history from Spanish colonization and the Wars of Independence
True or False: Like the USA, South America has developed a strong sense of continental unity
Mexico and Brazil
2 economic and political powerhouses of Latin America
Second great "regional" power behind Brazil
Vies for influence in South America due to its vast oil resources
Percent of arable land in Mexico
Mexico City
Largest City in the Western Hemisphere
18 million
Number of people in Mexico City
Mexico City
Worst pollution and traffic congestion of any city in the Western Hemisphere
60% of the population of Mexico is of this ethnicity
True or False: Mexico has seen an increase in the popularity of the English language and American culture
Means sponsorship, cultural practice to build economic and social alliances and assistance. Most sponsors are neighbors, relatives, coworkers, or employers.
Work and Money
Why most Mexicans come to the USA
5-7 million
Number of illegal Mexicans in the USA
$25 billion
Amount of money Mexican workers in the USA send back to Mexico every year
NAFTA created assembly plants
Mayan Indians
1994-2004: This group of native indians in Chiapas State revolt, issues still unresolved
White/Spaniard, Mixed
Before 1910, ________ were in control. Today, most peoples are _________.
Revolution of 1910-1917
This revolution failed to create a more equal society in Mexico, but did improve most things for the middle class
PRI (Institutional Revolutionary Party)
Dominant political party in Mexico, ran the government from 1929-2000
CTM (Confederation of Mexican Workers)
Labor union made up of 3.5 million workers
1) Subsistence Farmers
2) Loss of jobs to China and other Cental American Countries
3) NAFTA helped wealthy and middle class, not the poor
Economic Problems Mexico Faces
40 million
Number of poor people in Mexico
18 million
Number of people in extreme poverty in Mexico
Richest 20% in Mexico control ______% of the money
Poorest 20% in Mexico control ______% of the money
Country in South America that boasts the largest population and economy
Lula da Silva
Former President of Brazil
44 hour work week, day care centers, paid vacations, and maternity leave
Worker's Rights in Brazil
20%, Sterilizations
_______% of women use birth control, but Brazil has the second highest number of _________
5 to 3.3
Family size in Brazil has shrunk from _____ to _____
This gender is a victim to high abuse rates
Percent of children in Brazil who work full time
Jogo Bonito
Soccer is also known as this, meaning "The Beautiful Game"
Number of Native Indians living in Brazil
Region of Brazil that suffers most from deforestation and from gold prospectors
True or False: Brazil burns down enoug rain forest every year equal to the size of Kansas
Family, Prestige, Machismo, Marianismo, Leisure and Time, and Authoritarianism/Paternalism
6 Themes of Latin America
The "fortress" against misery and a source of power
Latin peoples believe in impressing one another, no matter how menial the task
Manliness. Comes with virlity, honor, dignity, and generosity
Womaness. Comes with spirituality, morality, motherhood, and sensuality
Leisure and Time
Latin peoples believe work is a necessary evil, leisure is a goal, and in the real "power" lunch break
Comes from old divide between creoles, mestizos, and natives
Conquistadors and the Church
The first peoples to come over to Latin America
Who mainly came over to Latin America: Men or Women?
Race and Ethnicity, based on mix of bloods
America puts people into 2 groups, black and white. Latin America separates people by __________.
True or False: Latin America had more people intermarrying and different bloods having children, so identifying by skin color did not work for them.
Peninsulares and Creoles, Mestizos and Mulatos
Spanish people today are mainly ______ and ________, while Mexicans are more ________ and ________.
Merengue, Mambo, Rumba, Son, and Salsa
Types of Music in the Spanish Caribbean
Calyspo, Steel Pan, Soca, Reggae
Types of Music in the Anglo Carribean
Year the Mexican Drug War began
Felipe Calderon
President of Mexco who mobilized 45,000 troops to "go to war" with drug gangs
Number of deaths involved with the Mexican Drug War since 2006
Mexican Gangs
Replaced Colombian drug gangs in the 1990s as responsible for cocaine distribution in the USA
$25-50 billion
Amount of money cocaine distribution makes a year
80 tons
Over the course of the drug war, how many tons of cocaine have been seized?
60,000 people
Over the course of the drug war, how many people have been arrested?
31,000 weapons
Over the course of the drug war, how many weapons have been seized?
$300 million
Over the course of the drug war, how much money has been seized?
1) Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua State
2) Tijuana, Baja State
3) Culiacan, Sinaloa State
3 most violent states and cities
State Government
Which is stronger in Mexico: State government or Federal government?
$9 billion
Cost of the Drug War per Year
$500 million
Amount of money the USA donates to the Mexican government each year to fight the drug cartels
Smuggling and Kidnapping
2 other crimes that have seen growth since the start of the Drug War
European and Asian
2 markets that have seen growth in drugs since the start of the Drug War
True or False: States near the border are known for their strict gun control, making it hard for Mexicans to get guns from America
Sinaloa Cartel
Leader: Joaquin Guzman
Founded: 1970s
Main Activity: Cocaine
Allies: La Familia Michocana
Rivals: Juarez, Tijuana, Beltran-Leyva
Juarez Cartel
Leader: VIncente Camillo Fuentes
Founded: 1970s
Main Activities: Kidnapping, Cocaine, Extortion
Rivals: Gulf and Sinaloa
Tijuana Cartel
Leaders: Arellano Felix Brothers
Founded: 1980s
Main Activities: Cocaine, Bribery, Extortion, Contract Murder
Allies: Varies
Rivals: Sinoa, Gulf, Juarez
(Weakest of the Big Three, under the most pressure)
Gulf Cartel-Los Zetas
Leader: Osiel Cardenas and Herberto Lazcano
Founded: 1970s-2000s
Main Activity: Drug and People Smuggling, Arms Trafficking, and Contract Killing
Allies: Beltran-Leyva
Rivals: Juarez, Sinoah
Russia wants to annex it, dictator Alexander Lukashenko doesn't want to lose power
Putin was embarrased by "Orange Revolution" of Victor Yushenko over Russian backed opposition, divided between Europe and Russia, now more pro-Russia
unrest between Ukranian, Romanian, and Russian minority groups, has a break-away trans-dniester province
friendly with the USA, annoys putin, helps with the war on terrorism, had a short war in 2008
a christian orthodox nation that hates Azerbaijan, close ally with Russia, border conflict w/ Azerbaijan
an Islamic nation that hates armenia and is a very important source of caspian oil, Russia, USA, and Iran all interested
the most conflict-ridden country, unstable relations between former communists and islamic fundamentalists, conflicts over border with Afghanistan
has a large russian minority group, has former USSR nuclear installations, has abundant natural resources and has ties to Russia, USA, and China, very autocratic
has a very opressive rule by Islam Karimov, close ties iwht Russia and sometimes the USA, worries over islamic fundamentalism here
a close ally of Russia and the USA against the Taliban and terrorism, has a strong islamic culture against autocratic ruler, borders Iran
has close military ties to Russia and USA, both have bases there, has problems with Russian, Uzbek, and Chinese minorites, very ethnically unstable
having problems moving over to capitalism/ privatization
50% of the economy controlled by organized crime, mob is one of the most powerful in world
Bribery/kickbacks common from local to federal level
Poor tax collection
due to corruption
Overdependance on gas and oil
monocultural exportation
13-15% of all soil has come level of toxic pollutants
huge decrease in size, very low moral and pay, outdated equipment
Social problems
Anti-semitism, abysmal health care system (lowest life expectancy amoung developed countries), Alcohol and Smoking(account for 80% of deaths), AIDS, Shrinking population
war with islamic fundamenalists, 1994-1996& 1999-now, in caucaus region, conducted well known terrorist attacks in Moscow, Beslan
Economy, Crime, Corruption, Poor tax collection, overdependance on gas and oil, environment, military, social problems, Checnya
List all of Russia's issues
Who resigned on Dec. 31, 1999?
Boris Yeltsin
Who replaced Yeltsin?
Vladamir Putin
How does Putin portray himself while using the state-controlled media?
disciplined, organized, tough
How does Putin increase presidential power?
Weakening local governments, restricting the actions of political parties, limit media criticism, increase central government survelliance of the public
With what % turnout, what %of the vote did Putin win the March 2004 election?
Why does he not run for reelection in 2008?
The Russian consitution prohibits it.
Who does Putin select to replace himself?
Dmitri Medvedev
What role does Putin currently play in the government?
Prime minister
When is Putin allowed to run again for President?
Who was killed for writing an article about corrupt government and buisness leaders in <i>Forbes Russia</i>?
Paul Klebnikov
Who was killed for writing an article criticizing Russia for its tactics in the Chechen war?
Anna Politkovskya
Which Ukrainian political official survived a poisoning attempt?
Victor Yushenko
Who was poisoned with a rare radioactive material in London for writing a book that would tie high ranking officials to organized crime?
Alexander Litvenko
Which Russian billionaire was thrown in jail, with assets seized and sold?
Mikhail Khodorkosky
Ural, Caucus
two mountain ranges that divide Europe from Asia
an identity that Europeans have, priding themselves on their sub-national cultures and groups
European Union
an assembly of European countries that shows the beginning of a continental identity
Pax Romana
the first attempt at unifying Europe during the Roman Empire with the attempt to absorb other cultures into one.
Holy Roman Empire
the second attempt at European unification with Christianity being a deciding feature of being european, involved the crusades
Napoleonic Empire
an attempt to unify europe under enlightenment values, but ended when nationalism sprouted from linguistic and cultural differences
Nazi Germany
attempt to unify europe with race being an identifying feature of identity
World Wars, Holocaust, Cold War
three things that devastated Europe and ocntinue to haunt and shape Europe's global outlook
Multilateral Solutions
how europe tends to want to solve problems, involves organizations like the UN, EU, NATO and the Kyoto Treaty
Humane Capitalism
the economic system used by europeans that tends to have a stronger socialist influence than america's does.
Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg formed the European Economic Community (EUC), proclaiming capitalism, democracy, and free market
November 9, 1989
Berlin Wall falls
October 1990
west and east Germany are unified into one country
the Maastricht Treaty is signed, creating the EU, saying that every member should send representatives to an EU government that creates continental laws
the European Central Bank is created
creation of the Euro, (€) except for Great Britain, which kept the pound.
voters in France and the Netherlands reject the new EU constitution, which was a big blow to the idea of "ever closer union"
turkey begins negotiations to joino the EU, which several nations oppose
Romania and Bulgaria join the EU despite widespread corruption in their governments
the Euro Crisis begins over Greek and Irish debt, which provides a movement back to national identity
Council of Ministers
the most powerful "Congress"-like body in the EU, meets in brussels, and representitives of all EU nations vote and create legislation
European Commission
the 'engine of integration' in the EU that is dominated by the "Big 5" (France, Germany, Italy, Spain) who each have 2 commissioners, and it deals with executive and legeslative issues
European Court of Justice
each nation sends a Judge for a renewable 6-year-term, hears cases dealing with EU law and policy, deals with local and national conflict
European Parliament
the most democratic and weakest parliament that meets in Brussles and Strasburg with MEPs elected directly by citizens of EU nations
the EU and NATO participeted heavily in the 1st gulf war, especially Great britain and France (date)
Serbs, Croats, and Bosnian ethnic and religious tensions in 1991 and 1992 escalate into conflict which turns into a series of massacres by the Serbs against the Bosnians in Srebrenica
Dayton Peace Accords
ended the conflict between the Serbs and Bosnians after 10,000 Bosnians were killed
when EU and NATO allies send over 10,000 troops into Afghanistan to lead the peacekeeping efforts
1991, 2001
two years in which NATO expands to include former Warsaw Pact nations
year that EU became divided over the invasion of Iraq, and the EU prepares to organize its own anti-terrorist RRF of 60,000
Madrid terror bombings
London terror bombings
the EU plays the 'good cop' to the USA's "bad cop" in the conflict with Iran and its nuclear materials
EU and NATO members become worried over the USA's pressure to increase troop levels in Afghanistan
North Africa, Middle East, Sub-Saharan Africa, former USSR, Asia
6 places that Europe is seeing an increase in immigration from
National Front
conservative, anti-immigration party from France
List Pim Fortuyn
the Netherlands conservative, anti immigration party that values traditional Dutch values
National Democratic Party
the German xenophobic conservative group
British National Party
the british conservative anti-immigration party
Jorg Heider's Freedom Party
the austrian conservative anti-immigration party that was the only one that actually came into power
a major problem that immigrants face upon arriving in Europe
Social Welfare
a system that Europe is most generous with, provides social services, etc.
European unemployment rate
Germany, Great Britain
want to enlarge Europe
France, Italy
want to keep Europe "small" and "exclusive"
Eastern Europe
where the US is moving bases to
Farm Subsidies
wanted by the Eastern Europeans, but opposed by Western Europeans
Boris Yeltsin
the president of Europe before Putin, was very friendly, open, happy, wanted to make everyone like russia
Vladimir Putin
a former KGB agent named president by Yeltsin
March 2000
vote in which Putin won 52% of the vote for the first time
Local Governments
type of government that Putin weakened in order to increase his own power
Media Criticism
something limited by Putin in order to increase support and popularity
the russian parliament that is dominated by Putin's political party
United Russia Party
Putin's party that dominates the Duma
Internal Security
has been increased by Putin in order to increase his own power, claiming a get-tough policy on the Chechyans
Paul Klebnikov
assassinated for articles written criticizing corrupt government and business leaders
Anna Poltikovskaya
killed for articles criticizing Russan government about the Chechnyan war
Victor Yushenko
a Ukranian candidate for prime minister who was pro-europe and lost a corrupted election, and was poisoned at a political dinner, but survived
Alexander Litvenenko
a russian with ties to organized crime in the government who was poisoned with a highly radioactive substance and died 3 weeks later, blamed putin
year that Putin was not allowed to run for president again, so he named himself prime minister
Dmitri Mendvedev
Putin's former chief of staff who is now president after winning 71% of vote in 2008 election, seen as being an intermission between Putin's terms
an issue that russia faced, is particuarly bad because of the transition to capitalism, unemployment, corruption, poor tax collection
gas and oil
what the russian economy is overdependent on
50% of the Russian economy is controlled by
issue that russia faces involving pollution and soil with toxic pollutants
issue russia faces that involves an enormous collapse in size and influence
submarine that sank in the arctic in 2001, showing outdated Russian equipmjent
percentage of draftees that actually showed up to serve int the army of Russia
social problem in Russia that has caused the leaving of most Jews by 1991
Health Care
issue with Russian society because it is now expensive and incredibly poor
Alcoholism and Smoking
Russian societal problem that accounts for 80% of the deaths there in some way
small separatist part of Russia that wants an independent nation and has resorted to terrorism
October 2002
month & year that 700 russian theatergoers were held hostage and 150 were killed with nerve gas-- was covered up
February 2004
date that there was a suicide bombing in the Moscow underground
September 2004
date that a school in Belsen were 330 were killed while being held hostage in a school in Russia by the Chechyans
Aslan Mashkladov
Chechen separist leader killed by Russian special forces in march 2005
country that Russia wants to annex
Alexander Lukashenko
dictator of Belarus who is denying annexation because of his desire for power
country that is divided between moving to Russia or Europe, but is now pro-Russia because of Yushenko's loss
country that has unrest because of Ukranian, Romanian, and Russian ethnic competitions
Trans-Dniester Province
province in Ukraine that has become a crime state because of desire for own country
country that is friendly with the USA, which annoys Putin, helps with the war on terrorism, had a short war with Russia in 2008
a Christian Orthodox nation in constant conflict over the Nagorno-Karabakh region with Azerbaijan, a close ally of Russia
islamic nation that hates armenia, is a very important source of Caspian oil, Russia, USA, and Iran all have interests here
the most conflict-ridden Central Asian state with unstable relations between former communists and islamic fundamentalists, conflicts over border with Afghanistan
has a large Russian minority, close ties to Russia, USA, and China becaue of abundant natural resources, has many former soviet nuclear installations, very autocratic
country with a very repressive rule by Islam Karimov, has close ties with Russia and sometimes the USA, worries over islamic fundamentalism
Islam Karimov
the autocratic ruler of Uzbekistan
a close ally of Russia and the USA agains the taliban and terrorism, has a strong islamic culturea against an autocratic ruler, borders iran
has close military ties to Russia and the USA who both have bases ther, has problems with Russian, Uzbek, and Chinese minorities, the most ethnically unstable
last resort
how europeans believe force should be, mostly because of how the holocaust, and the world wars have shaped its outlook
European Economic Community
formed in 1957 by Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg, all pledging capitalism, democracy, and free market
November 8, 1989
day the berlin wall fell
Maastrich Treaty
signed in 1992 to create the EU, saying each country should send a representative to the EU govenrment and there will be some international law that should be followed
creation year of the European central bank
creation of the Euro, with the exception of GB who wants the pound for purposes of nationalism
France, Netherlands
the two countries whose voters decided not to adopt a new EU constitution in 2005
the large islamic country that wants to be a part of the EU, but most nations don't want to admit it
Romania, Bulgaria
two countries who joined the EU despite corruption in their government
Financial Crisis
a recent problem (2010) that has driven nations back to independence and nationalism
Council of Ministers
part of the EU that is the rough equivalent of congress, meets in brussels, has representatives of all the EU nations, vote and create legislation
European Commission
the 'engine of integration' that is dominated by the big 5 (France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and England), each with 2 commisioners, deals with executive and legislative issues
European court of Justice
each nation sends a judge for a renewable 6 year term, hears cases dealing with EU law and policy and its conflicts
European Parliament
the most democratic and weakestpart of the EU, meets in brussels and strasburg, members directly elected by the people
a rough equivalent to the Rwandan genocide for the EU, embarassing and messy, they don't intervene with the killing
Dayton Peace Accords
the treaty that solved the Yugoslavian genocide
Conflict and Confrontation
one of the key issued faced by the EU, wondering when to send in troops, how many to send, etc.
North Africa, Middle East, Sub-Saharan Africa, Asia, former USSR
where Europe is seeing an increase in immigration from (5 places)
National Front
extremely conservative, anti immigration from France
List Pim Fortuyn
conservative Dutch party that speaks out against the destroying of traditional Dutch values
National Democratic Party
the German conservative and anti immigration party
British National Party
the British xenophobic and anti-immigration party
Jorg Heider's Freedom Party
the only anti-immigration party to actually rule in Europe, in Austria
Welfare State
the conflict that europeans are having trouble paying for- not enough people to pay for the aging
good standard of living
one of the goals of European social welfare, for everyone
increase equality of socioeconomic groups
a goal of the european social welfare, hard becuase it could conflict with capitalism
Farm subsidies
Eastern European farmers want subsidies, but the west doesn't want to give them as much as western farmers
Eastern Europe
where US bases are being moved because of this region's support for the iraq war