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What lymphatic vessel dumps lymph fluid back to blood circulation?

thoriac duct

What lympathic tissues/organs contain lymphocytes?


What are the body's non-specific defenses?

physical barriers such as the hairs, epithelium, secretions, etc.
phagocytes (remove debris and pathogens) such as neutrophil, eosinophil, monocyte, fixed and free macophage.
immunological surveillance (destroy abnormal cells)
interferons (increase resistance to cells to viral infection, slow the spread of disease)
complement system ( attacks and breaks down cell walls)
inflammatory response and fever.

what are the different types of immunity and how are they produced?

1. innate - genetically determined;
2. acquired - not present at birth but arises by active or passive means;
3. active - appears after exposure to an antigen;
4. naturally acquired active - natural exposure to an antigen in an environment;
5. induced active immunity - deliberate exposure to an antigen;
6. naturally acquired - develop after birth;
7. induced active - antibody production is stimulated;

what are the passive immunities?

passive - transfer of antibodies to an individual from other source;
naturally acquired passive - antibodies produced by mother to protect her baby;
induced passive - antibodies are administered to fight infection or prevent disease after exposure to the pathogen

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