History- Chapter 14: The Nation Divided

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Bell-ringer: In 1860 which president was elected?
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What was the outcome of the election to select a legislature in the Kansas territory?Led Kansas to have two governmentsWho was Dred Scott?A slave who sued for his freedom.This was a name of the court case where Roger B. Taney decided slaves were not citizens.Dred Scott v. SandfordWhat did Dred Scott claim?He claimed he was free because he lived in a free state.Who ruled against Dred ScottChief Justice (Roger B. Taney) and the Supreme CourtAfter the case was Dred Scott free?NoWhat was labeled as unconstitutional?The Missouri CompromiseTrue or False: After the Dred Scott decsion slavery was free everywhere in the united statesTrueWho held a raid?John BrownTrue or False: John Brown was for slavery.FalseWhat was the goal of John Brown's raid?To take the arsenal at Harpers Ferry, Virginia and lead a slave revoltWho captured John Brown?Robert E. Lee and The U.S. MarinesAfter John brown was captured what happened to him?He was hung to deathVotes- Electoral: Lincoln- Douglass- Bell- Breckinridge--59% -4% -13% -24%Votes- Popular: Lincoln- Douglass- Bell- Breckinridge--39.8% -29.5% -12.6% -18.1%States that voted for who? -Oregon -California -Minnesota -Iowa -Wisconsin -Illinois -New Hampshire -Indiana -Ohio -Connecticut -Michigan -Rhode Island -PA -NY -VT -Maine MassachusettsAbraham LincolnStates that voted for who? -1/2 NJ -MissouriDouglassStates that voted fort who? -VA -KY -TNBellStates that voted for who? -NC -SC -GA -FL -AL -MS -ARKS -LA -TX -MD -DWBreckinridgeWhat did the seven seceded states call themselves?The Confederate States of AmericaWho was the president of the Confederate States of AmericaJefferson DavisWhat day/year/month did the civil war start?April 12, 1861Dates of withdraw- 12-20-60: 1-9-61: 1-10-61: 1-11-61: 1-19-61: 1-21-61: 2-1-61:SC MS FL AL GA LA TX