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World War I Final Exam

Nationalism's effect on empires
led to unification of Italy and Germany; Austria-Hungary and Balkans conflicted over national groups Modern weaponry: the US had modern weaponry and decided to sell weapons and other supplies to the Allies
Triple Alliance
Alliance between Germany, Italy, Austria Hungry
Austro-Hungarian Empire
Emperor Francis Joseph of Austria split his empire in half, declaring austria and hungary independent states, with himself as ruler as both.
Ottoman Empire in WWI
joined the central powers, fought against the allies. Fought against Russia. Brit. convinced the Arabs to rebel against Turkey. T.E. Lawrence worked with Arabs against Ottoman Empire
Submarine Warfare
Used during World War I mainly between German U-Boats and Atlantic supply convoys for Great Britain
Trench Warfare
war from inside trenches enemies would try killing eachother with machine guns and tanks, and poison gas
Impact of Russian Revolution
showed how cruel the government and lowered nationalism
Treaty of Brest-Litovsk
treaty in which Russia lost substantial territory to the Germans. This ended Russian participation in the war.
Time Frame
(1914) assassination of Archduke Ferdinand and his wife spark WWI. (1915) German submarines sink Lusitania. (1916) 1 million soldiers are killed in the battle of Somme but war remained a deadlock. (1917) US ends neutrality and enters war. (1918) Armistice ends the war in November. (1919) Delegates to the Paris Peace Conference draft to the Treaty of Versailles which blames Germany for the war.
Woodrow Wilson
28th president of the United States, known for World War I leadership, created Federal Reserve, Federal Trade Commission, Clayton Antitrust Act, progressive income tax, lower tariffs, women's suffrage (reluctantly), Treaty of Versailles, sought 14 points post-war plan, he came up with the league of nations but never got U.S. ratification, won Nobel Peace Prize
Treaty of Versailles
Created by the leaders victorious allies Nations: France, Britain, US, and signed by Germany to help stop WWI. The treaty 1)stripped Germany of all Army, Navy, Airforce. 2) Germany had to rapair war damages(33 billion) 3) Germany had to acknowledge guilt for causing WWI 4) Germany could not manefacture any weapons.