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A discounted Parking fee of at least at least 20% is an acceptable substitute for Dedicated spaces.
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Try to avoid building on this type of land.GreenfieldWhat measures a surface materials ability to reflect sunlight?SRIOne prerequisite requirement for LEED WE credit outdoor water use reduction is.No permanent irrigation required after 2 yearsUnder the LEED for neighborhood development location for new construction, how many credits can be earned for this category?8-16In figuring the amount of disturbance to a site you only need to be concerned with the footprint of the building.FalseThe design team has attempted to address 50% of the hardscape surfaces on the projects site to meet the requirements to reduce heat island effects for lead compliance. Which of the following strategies should the leed accredited professional discuss with the design team? (choose 3).Effective tree-shaded area of hardscape features, solar reflectance index for all nonstandard paving materials proposed, percentage of perviousness for proposed open-grid paving materials.How many credits/ points does it take to reach a LEED platinum level?80+One requirement for LT Credit reducing parking footprint is to not exceed minimum code requirements for parking capacity.TrueWhat country produces the most CO2 emissions from fossil fuel combustion?ChinaWhat is a result of people moving to the suburbs, forcing cities to expand infrastructure?Urban SprawlWhich of the following is the best landscape design strategy to implement to reduce heat island effects?Increased SRIDon't know the question, answer isManufacturerTo achieve LT Credit sensitive land protection, which site can a project develop on?Previously developed site that s 10 feet above 100 year flood plain.Emissivity is an indication of which of the following material properties?Ability of a material to give up heat in the form of lang wave radiationWhich of the following statements are true of LEED? (Select 3)LEED Categories differ depending on the rating system, All Prerequisites are required based on the rating system adaptation, Credits within each category offer potential project points, which determine the LEED certification level.A vegetated roof system using native and adapted plant species has the opportunity to contribute to earning which three strategies?Heat Island Effect, Rainwater management, Restore habitatSurfaces that do not allow water to pass through them.ImperviousWho created the LEED Rating System?U.S. Green Building CouncilWhat is the main standard used to define the baseline per flush and flow rates for the water efficiency of fixtures?Energy policy act of 1992What is rainwater that flows to sewer systems or water bodies?Both 1 and 2Water is periodically discharged from cooling towers as blowdown. Why is this necessary?To reduce concentration of dissolved solidsWhich of the following are strategies to reduce rainwater runoff? (Choose 3)Pervious pavers, green roofs, bioswalesWhat is a landscaping technique to drastically reduce or eliminate the need for any irrigation.XeriscapingWhat is created when developed areas have higher temperatures that surrounding rural areas?Heat island effectFor energy and Atmosphere: Commissioning is the process of ________ the buildings systems meet the owner's project requirements.Verifying and documentingWhich of the following are leed concepts that are most significantly influenced by the site selection prior to design of project? (Choose 2)Pubic transportation access, Brownfield redevelopmentWhich of the following is true for bicycle storage for leed?The number of bike racks required is partially based on peak usersLeed projects are required to share whole-project water usage data for how long?5 years of until the building changes ownershipWays to reduce parking demand would be to? (Choose 3)Make Cars smaller, carpooling, place parking in close proximity to diverse usesWhich of the following potential site locations would quality the project for location and transportation and transportation credit LEED for Neighborhood Development Location?A land parcel within a LEED ND v4 Certified planFor energy and atmosphere which category has the most available points?Optimize energy performanceWhich of these would not qualify for LEED?A New commercial building that is 800 sq. ft.The owner of a two-story office project has suggested that he is interested in the installation of a vegetated roof system and would like the design team to evaluate it as an option. Which set of team members best represent all of those who might offer meaningful input to this evaluation?Architect, structural engineer, landscape architect, civil engineer, mechanical engineer, contractorWhat version of LEED are we currently using?LEED V4.1What would help encourage the use of green vehicles? (Choose 2)Provide discounted parking for green vehicles, designate parking spaces near the building for green vehiclesAn existing building on campus will be implementing sustainable practices. Which LEED rating system would you use?O+MTransportation contributes what % of greenhouse gas emissions?14%Which of the following describes a High-performance green building?All of the aboveWhen working on a green building project, when is the best time to incorporate an integrative design approach?Schematic Design