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is the resting state of the myocardial wall when there is not electrical activity in the heart and is recorded on the ECG strip as a flatline

depolarization occurs

when the electrical system if the heart stimulates a myocardial cell, ____________, resulting in the contraction of the stimulated heart muscle

after depolarization

the heart muscles cells must return to a resting state before they can be electrically simulated again


is the process of reaching the resting state before they can electrically simulated again

waves or deflection

electrocardiograph records a series of_______________ above or below a baseline on the EGK

of the cardiac cycle

each deflection/wave corresponds to a particular part

P-wave, the Q-wave, the R-wave, the S-wave, and the T-wave

the normal EKG cycle consists of waveforms that are labeled as the


entire cardiac cycle can be called the complex

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