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Heme Practice exams

Initiation of coagulation in vivo occurs with:
A. Factor VII
B. Factor VIII
C. Tissue factor
D. Fibrinogen
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The control points in the coagulation process (positive or negative) in which Thrombin exerts a direct influence include all of the following EXCEPT:
A. The platelet membrane to induce secondary platelet aggregation
B. To activate factors V and VIII:C to their active forms
C. To activate protein C
D. To activate factor III (tissue factor)
Which one of the following statements concerning Vitamin-K is NOT true?
A. There are two sources of vitamin K; vegetable and bacterial
B. Vitamin K converts precursor molecules into active coagulation
C. Vitamin K is necessary for calcium and phospholipid binding to membrane surfaces
D. Heparin inhibits the action of vitamin K factors by carboxylation