Lesson 5

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inkingn. a slight suspicion; a vague ideasyn: hunch, hint, notion ant: certainty, proof, definite factsyn. and ant. for inklinglackadaisicaladj. showing little spirit or enthusiasmsyn: lazy, spiritless, apathy, passive, motionless, unenthusiastic ant: enthusiastic, active, lively, passionate, energeticsyn. and ant. for lackadaisicalmutinyn. deliberate refusal to obey orders given by those in command, especially by sailors v. to rebel openly against a commandersyn: rebellion, revolution, uprising, insurrection ant: obedience, agreementsyn. and ant. mutinypilferv. to steal repeatedly small amounts of things that are of little valuesyn: steal, swipe, filch ant: replenish, return, donate, reimbursesyn. and ant. for pilferprofusionn. a plentiful supply; a great or generous amountsyn: plenty, plentitude, abundance ant: scarcity, lack, absence, shortage,syn. and ant. for profusionprudentadj. very careful; showing judgement and wisdomsyn: cautious, careful, wise ant: unwise incautious, careless, foolishsyn. and ant. prudentranklev. to cause continuing anger or irritationsyn: infuriate, irritate, annoy, bother, needle ant: sooth, placate, please, comfortsyn. and ant. for ranklerebukev. to criticize strongly; to reprimand n. a sharp criticismsyn: criticize, reprimand, scold, admonish, reproach ant:congratulate, praise, laudsyn. and ant. for rebukesereneadj. calm and untroubled; peacefulsyn: quiet, untroubled, ant: loud, agitatedsyn. and ant. for sereneslovenlyadj. untidy, carelessly donesyn: untidy, careless, messy, sloppy ant: tidy, neat, careful, organizedsyn. and ant. for slovenly