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The force of attraction between two objects.

slow down

When you drive uphill, your car will ________ ________.


The force of gravity can increase your speed going _____________.

center of gravity

The point around which all of the object's weight is evenly balanced.


Most vehicles have a ________ center of gravity so they can turn and maneuver smoothly.

energy of motion

The faster your car moves, the more _________ __ __________ it has.


The force that keeps each tire from sliding on the road.


The friction created by a tire on the road is called ____________.


The grooved surface of a tire that grips the road is called ___________.


____________ helps your car on wet surfaces.


A ________ tire will not grip a wet or icy road well.


A sudden loss of air pressure in one of your tires.

traction limit

When braking and turning, you divide your _________ ___________.


In turning-braking situations, you will have to ease up on your _________ pedal to avoid skidding.


Good car condition and a good road surface will help you maintain high levels of ______________.


Curves that are ____________ help absorb some of your energy of motion.


You have no control over how sharp a curve is, but you can adjust your _____________.


Total stopping distance is a combination of:
- Perception Time and Distance
- Reaction Time and Distance
- _____________ Distance


The average reaction time is _____ seconds.

reaction time

The amount of time you take to execute your action.

braking distance

The distance your vehicle travels from the time you hit the brake until your vehicle stops.


As your speed doubles, your braking distance _________________.

force of impact

An increase in speed or weight equal an increase in ___________ ___ ____________.


As _______________ between impact and stop increases, force of impact decreases.

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