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Ethics final exam

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Gerry believes the Earth is round. Gerry has never attended school, has never read any scientific literature, and has never been to space. Why does Gerry lack knowledge about the shape of the Earth?
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David, Alexis, and Moira all believe the dog has cancer. David believes the dog has cancer because the dog was cursed under the full moon. Alexis thinks the dog has cancer becasue she is a trained and licensed veterinarian. Moira is of the opinion the dog has cancer because David told her the dog has cancer. Who, if anyone, is entitled to their opinion?
A neighbor is going away for the summer and asks if he can park his car in my garage while she's gone. There is nothing fishy going on, he just needs a place to work on his car. I tell my neighbor that it is fine to park his car in my garage. True or false, I gave consent to park the car in the garage.
Alice is married to Bob, Ted is married to Carol. They are all very close. Bob and Ted decide to go hunting for a weekend and Alice and Carol decide to spend the weekend together. Alice had a couple of drinks, but nothing that would significantly compromise her ability to make decisions. Carol ends up having a great deal of alcohol, so much so that she can't carry a conversation and isn't making sense. Alice and Carol end up having sex willingly. True or false, Alice and Carol had each others' consent.