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communion of saints

All faithful Church members on earth, in heaven, and in purgatory; communion in holy things (sancta) and among holy persons (sancti)


an official Church statement by which a person is declared to have lived a holy life of heroic virtue; in the last stage of the process of canonization, the person is named a saint

kingly office

Part of the saving mission of christ, in which he inaugurates gods kingdom on earth and holds supreme authority over church members. All baptized church members share in the kingly office of christ.

priestly office

The mission of Christ, in which he proclaimed the kingdom of God. All baptized church members share in the priestly office of Christ.

prophetic office

Part of the saving mission of christ, in which he proclaimed the kingdom of god. all baptized church members share in the prophetic office of Christ.


The effort to strive toward unity amoung all Christian peoples. This involves communications and cooperation with people of other Christian faiths


"... The change of the whole substance of the Eucharist bread and wine into the whole substance of the Body and Blood of Christ our Lord."


the forgiveness of sin, by a bishop or a priest who acts in God's name in the Sacrament of Reconciliation, or Penance


the internal voice that helps individuals know right from wrong


sincere sorrow for the sins one has commited, coupled with the resolution to do betterin the future


Pardon for one's actions; being reconciled with God and other's. The act of forgiveness includes the effort to let go of feelings of resentment, hatred, and hurt.


the end of human life on earth; the permanent cessation of all vital bodily functions, and the seperation of the soul from the body

eternal life

sharing in an everlasting union of life and love with God in heaven by those who have died in his friendship


an area of theology that concentrates on the last or final condition of creation


the perfect sharing of life and love with the Trinity; an eternal relationship of oneness with God, of communion with him


eternal separation from God resulting from the choice to reject His love and grace even at the final moments of earthly existence


A state of purification between death and heaven that removes any remaining personal obstacles to eternal union with God. Purgatory frees the person from temperal punishment (being deprived of the entrance into heaven for a time) due to sin.

particular judgment

the reckoning that occurs for each person at the moment of death

general judgement

Christ's judgement of both the living and the dead at the end of time

resurrection of the body

at the end of time when Christ comes again in glory, the bodies of those who have died will be raised and reunited with their souls


a quality whereby the human soul will not die but will exist without end

second coming

the return of Jesus Christ as King and Judge at the end of time

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