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A patient with lung cancer has a feeding tube to help meet nutritional needs because of difficulty swallowing since radiation treatments. The patient requests some pain medication. The patient has an order for morphine, 5 mg IV push, every 2 hours as needed, or MS Contin (extended-release morphine tablet) 30 mg every 8 hours as needed. You return with the injectable form to be administered IV. The patient seems upset by this, stating, "I take a morphine pill for pain; why are you bringing me a shot?" What is your best response?
A) "This is the same medication only in a form that I can administer through your IV line. The pill form you took at home should never be crushed, so I am unable to administer it through your feeding tube. This is the safest route for your pain medication to be administered at this time."
B) "Your physician has ordered pain medication that may be administered either IV or through your feeding tube. To administer medications through your feeding tube, the medications must first be crushed, and it is simply easier to administer the pain medication through your IV."
C) "This is the same medication you have taken at home only in a form that I can administer through your IV. It will take effect quicker than if I crushed your medication and administered it through your feeding tube."
D) "I have brought you pain medication that can be administered through your IV, but if you prefer to have the pill form, I can go prepare it to be administered through your feeding tube."