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The written and other recorded events of people.


before history; the events in the period before writing was invented


a scientist who examines bones, tools, structures, and other objects to learn about past peoples and cultures

Oral traditions

stories passes down through generations by word of mouth


A person who has no single settled home


Land or soil that contains substances plants need in order to grow well


To tame animals and raise them to be used by humans


Supplying land with water through a network of canals


More of a thing or product than is needed


A worker who has a special talent: basket maker, jeweler, potter


A societ with cities, a central government run by official leaders, and workers who specialize in certain jobs, leading to social classes, Writing, Art, and architecture also characterizes a civilization

social class

A group, or class, that is made up of people with similar backgrounds, wealth, and ways of living

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