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  1. Special cell structures
  2. Vegetative cell
  3. Genuses that produce endospores
  4. Attachment Pili
  5. Positive biofilm
  1. a growth, reproduction, metabolism
    original, normal cell that produces endospore
  2. b shorter in length
    allow bacteria to adhere to the surface of mucus membranes and to each other
    allows colonization--->ability to cause disease
  3. c not all cells, special types of cells
  4. d Ecoli in the colon
    antagonistic effect
  5. e Bacillus and Clostridium

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  1. capable of life, metabolically inactive
  2. thin, shorter, hair-like appendages
    attachment of conjugation
    pilin protein
  3. bacteria
  4. circular
  5. binary fission
    asexual (no DNA transfer)

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  1. Conjugation Pililonger
    allows bacteria to adhere to each other
    provide a pathway for DNA transfer
    sexual process


  2. Bacillus cereusgrain contaminant
    food poisoning


  3. Quorum sensingdetect other bacteria (like and like)


  4. Cortexcapable of life, metabolically inactive


  5. Germinationchanging back into what it was before