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  1. Stages of reproduction
  2. Positive biofilm
  3. Capsule/Slime layer composition
  4. Bacillus anthracis
  5. Chemotaxis
  1. a movement towards nutrients and away from harmful chemicals
  2. b anthrax
  3. c Ecoli in the colon
    antagonistic effect
  4. d polypeptides and polysacchrides
    found on some cocci and bacilli*
    will not absorb dyes
  5. e enlargement (metabolic activity)
    DNA replication
    cell wall/membrane invaginate
    Wall formed
    daughter cells formed

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  1. grain contaminant
    food poisoning
  2. jelly-like layer secreted by the cell
    adheres to cell wall
    thick and regular
    takes the shape of the cell
    protects from phagocytes
    enhances virulence
  3. bacteria
  4. Bacillus and Clostridium
  5. not all cells, special types of cells

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  1. Pseudomonas aerugnosaswarmer biofilm
    leading cause of death among burn victims*


  2. Dormantcapable of life, metabolically inactive


  3. Prokaryotic genetic materialTIME required for one cell to produce two new cells (not binary fission)
    15-20 mins.


  4. Vegetative cellBurns and dental
    secondary STD infections


  5. Clostridium tetanitetanus
    neuromuscular junction