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  1. Bacillus anthracis
  2. Pseudomonas aerugnosa
  3. Endospores
  4. Most numerous species
  5. Quorum sensing
  1. a bacteria
  2. b anthrax
  3. c detect other bacteria (like and like)
  4. d swarmer biofilm
    leading cause of death among burn victims*
  5. e dense round, oval structure
    produced for survival
    remains viable but dormant after vegetative cell death
    will germinate in favorable conditions

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  1. not all cells, special types of cells
  2. movement towards nutrients and away from harmful chemicals
  3. small circles of DNA
    not connected to nucleoid
    R factors, toxins (amount of lipid A)
    genetic engineering
    "junk DNA"- no end product 95%
  4. binary fission
    asexual (no DNA transfer)
  5. shorter in length
    allow bacteria to adhere to the surface of mucus membranes and to each other
    allows colonization--->ability to cause disease

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  1. Conjugation PiliTIME required for one cell to produce two new cells (not binary fission)
    15-20 mins.


  2. Pilithin, shorter, hair-like appendages
    attachment of conjugation
    pilin protein


  3. Dormantcapable of life, metabolically inactive


  4. Vegetative cellgrowth, reproduction, metabolism
    original, normal cell that produces endospore


  5. Clostridum difficiletetanus
    neuromuscular junction