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Steps in the writing process and steps in the reading process

What are the steps in the writing process?

1. pre-writing 2. drafting 3. editing 4. publishing

What are the steps in the reading process?

1. pre-reading 2. reading 3. responding 4. exploring 5. applying

What are the types of reading?

1. shared reading 2. guided reading 3. independent 4. buddy 5. reading aloud

Shared Reading

The teacher reads aloud while students follow along with individual copies of a book, a class chart, or a big book

Guided Reading

The teacher supports students as they read texts at their reading levels. Students are grouped homogeneously

Independent Reading

Students read a text independently and often choose the text themeselves

Buddy Reading

Two students read or reread a text together

Reading Aloud to Students

The teacher or other fluent reader reads aloud to students

What are grand conversations?

Conversations aimed to dig deeper into a story and deepen a student's comprehension.

What is the teacher's role in grand conversations?

Teachers participate and share their responses, ask questions, and provide information; The teacher also focuses students' attention on one or two aspects of the book that they did not talk about in the first part of the conversation.

What is the role of the student in grand conversations?

They take responsibility for their own learning as they voice their opinions and support their views with examples from the literature. They talk about what puzzles them, what they find interesting, their personal connections to the story, and connections they see between this story and others they have read.

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