International Relations Exam 2

According to the deontological ethical tradition, "the ends justify the means."
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According to Debra Delaet, regional human rights systems present a major challenge to state sovereignty.FalseSantiago Canton discusses the impact of the Inter-American decision on amnesty laws. Which two countries (mentioned by Canton) saw a change in domestic policy after this regional ruling?Argentina & PeruAccording to Canton: In 2006, as a result of the Inter-American Commission's recommendations, Brazil enacted a law that made ___________________ a crime.spousal abuseAs reported by Matias Duarte et al, twenty-two years of litigation led to the 2020 Inter-American Court of Human Rights ruling that the _____________ government must delimit, demarcate, and grant a single collective title, without subdivisions or fragmentation, on an area of 400,000 hectares of ancestral territory to the Lhaka Honhat Association of Aboriginal Communities.ArgentineAccording to Juan Auz, what is the most salient reason for the Inter-American system's slow progress on developing a climate justice agenda?the absence of a right to a healthy environment in the American Convention on Human RightsClassical economic liberalism promotes government regulation and the redistribution of wealth.FalseProtectionism is a set of policies that together provide a social safety net (e.g. welfare policies).FalseEconomic radicalism draws on Marxist writing.TrueA tax on imports, often used to influence customers to buy local goods, is called a:tariffFinancial support paid by a government to a particular industry, often used to support an industry that is struggling, is called a:subsidyWhich of the following statements about trade deficits is true, according to the CFR?The U.S. trade deficit with China has led to China's investing in the United States.Although the World Trade Organization (WTO) has near-universal membership and is meant to be the main organization for regulating trade worldwide, there are also many regional trade agreements (RTAs). Which of the following accurately compares the WTO to RTAs?Today, most trade policy today is being negotiated through regional trade agreements rather than through the WTO.According to Pinzler (2016), modern trade agreements often undermine the ______________ process.democraticAccording to Weigel (2017), Senator Sanders praised Obama's position on the TPP and criticized Trump's position.FalseAccording to Sabet (2016), ________________ is one of the strongest predictors of protectionism in individuals.Negative attitudes towards out-groupsApproximately how many internally displaced persons (IDPs) are there, worldwide?40 millionWho makes up the majority of international migrants?Economic migrantsAccording to the CFR, why is it more challenging for foreign governments and international nongovernmental organizations (INGOs) to support internally displaced persons (IDPs) than to support refugees?The principle of sovereignty means outside help for people within another country's borders can be seen as interference in internal affairs.Ehrenreich & Hochschild discuss the phenomenon of women migrating from the global South to do what kind of "women's work"?Housekeeping, Childcare, and Sex WorkWhich of these factors contributes to the "care deficit," according to Ehrenreich & Hochschild?Public services (e.g. child care) have not expanded at the same rate as women's entry into the workforceWhy do the governments of some "sending countries" actively encourage women to migrate in search of domestic jobs, according to Ehrenreich & Hochschild?they think women are more likely to send remittancesAccording to Ehrenreich & Hochschild, migrant women typically come from the poorest classes of their societies.FalseAfter WWII, a debate over the future organization of Europe ensued between the federalists and the:functionalistsIn 1986, the most important step was taken in deepening the European integration process- the signing of the Single European Act, which established the goal of completing a single market by the end of 1992.TrueAccording to MMA, while the European public generally supports the idea of economic and political cooperation, it also fears a diminution of ________________.national sovereigntyAccording to the Economist, the ______________'s work is made harder because only 20% of its $2.5bn in funding is guaranteed and comes without strings.World Health OrganizationAccording to Michael Jennings, Russia and China have been "late to the game" in providing vaccines to poorer countries and regions.FalseSeveral countries have placed export controls on vaccines, prompting WHO to warn against _____________, which encourages hoarding, and has the effect of pushing prices up and ultimately prolonging the pandemic, the restrictions needed to contain it, and human and economic suffering.vaccine nationalism