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abiotic factors

non-living organisms in an ecosystem

aerobic respiration

energy releasing biochemical reactions that use oxygen


a mixture of gases; mostly nitrogen and oxygen

anaerobic respiration

energy releasing biochemical reactions that do NOT use oxygen


a tiny particle of life

biotic factors

the living things in an ecosystem


chemical compounds containing carbon, hydrogen, & oxygen

carbon cycle

the movement of carbon atoms through an ecosystem between living and non-living organisms

carbon dioxide/oxygen cycle

the recycling of carbon dioxide and oxygen between organisms & air

carbon dioxide

a chemical compound made from one atom of carbon and 2 atoms of oxygen.(C02)

cellular respiration

the process of releasing energy stored in carbohydrates

chemical compound

a molecule/compound composed of 2 or more different elements


when water vapor turns into rain or snow


organisms that break down the complex chemical compound made by living things


the process in which bacteria causes nitrogen gas to be released into the environment


the study of the interactions & relations that organisms have with the environment


all of the relations that organisms have with the environment

element of matter

a basic type of matter such as the elements of carbon, sulfur, iron, and oxygen


the ability to do work


the complete destruction of a species

food chain

an energy link between organisms based on feeding habits

food producers

organisms such as plants and algae that create energy rich food using photosynthesis


the place in which an organism lives


trace element in air


soil material created by decay of organic material


a trace element in air

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