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an architect
a person who designs the houses
a journalist
writes articles for newspapers.
a writer
writes books.
a vet
takes care of sick animals.
a doctor
helps sick people.
a nurse
gives patients medicine.
a cook
prepares food and works in the kitchen.
a dentist
fixes teeth.
a teacher
works at school and teaches children.
a clown
makes people laugh.
an actress
is a woman who works in the theatre. She can be a film star.
a mechanic
repairs cars.
an electrician
works with electrical wires.
a baker
makes bread.
drives a car.
a lumberjack
cuts down trees.
a waiter
brings food and drinks to guests in a restaurant.
a hairdresser
cuts women's hair.
a chimneysweep
sweeps chimneys.
a pilot
flies an aeroplane.
a farmer
grows corn.
a postman
carries letters.
a pupil
goes to school and learn.
a diver
dives deep in the sea.