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o Preparatory period
§ Hypertrophy/ endurance phase (strength endurance phase)
· Training intensity is low to moderate intensity and overall volume is high
· Goals- increase lean body mass, develop endurance
· This phase is a foundation for upcoming higher intensity training
§ Basic strength phase
· Occurs later in preparatory period
· Goal- increase strength of muscles essential to primary sport movements
· Resistance training- heavier loads- intensity increases, volume decreases
· Higher intensity (80-95% of 1 RM), 2-6 sets, 2-6 reps
· Increase strength of muscles relative to sport, become more sport specific, heavier loads, less volume
o First transition period (pre-season)
§ Strength/ power phase
· Link between preparatory and competitive period
· Strength and power
· Shift training focus toward elevation of strength and into power development
· Low to very high loads of 30-95% of 1 RM depending on the exercise, low volume (2-5 sets, 2-5 reps)
o Competition period (in-season)
§ Further increase strength and power (increased intensity while decreasing volume)
§ Goal: maintain (and possible improve) strength, power, anaerobic conditioning- key is to keep conditioning while not having fatigue affect competition performance
§ Majority of athlete's time in competition period is spent on skill and strategy development
§ Maintenance: moderate to high intensity training (85-93% 1 RM) at low to moderate volumes
o Second transition period (active rest/ post season)
§ Also called the restoration period- lasts 1 to no longer than 4 weeks
§ No formal or structured workouts
§ Recreational activities at low intensity and volume
§ Rehabilitate injuries and refresh both physically and mentally before beginning a new annual training plan or macrocycle
o Preparatory period (off-season)
§ Initial training period usually the longest and occurs when there are no competitions