28 terms

Geography theme 3

Primary Industry
extracting raw materials from the earth or sea e.g. farming, mining
Secondary Industry
Raw materials processed into manufactured goods e.g. steel
Tertiary Industry
Services industry e.g. education, office work
Quaternary Industry
Carrying out cutting edge research and designs in high-tech equipment
Science Park
planned industrial complex which contains Quaternary companies
High- tech industries
produces sophisticated products and electronic goods
footloose industry
don't have to locate near raw materials
M4 corridor
area where many research industries move to
Positive multiplier effect
Term to describe all of the good changes created by an increase in tourism, more jobs, income etc.
Negative multiplier effect
when decline leads to further decline in the area
inward investment
investment into a area
industrial decline
less jobs in the industry imports
Multinational Company
large company in more than one country
growth in several stages
goods sold to other countries
goods bought from other countries
goods sold and bought from other countries
balance of payment
difference between export and imports
trade surplus
export more than they import
trade deficit
import more than they export
to make goods last
quality of life
how happy and content someone is
standard of living
how wealthy you are
greenfield site
site that hasn't been built on
brownfield site
site that has been built on
non government aid
smaller community projects that have to rely on public and government donations
Bilateral aid
given by a medc to a ledc to fiance projects e.g. aswan dam
Multilateral aid
given through international organisations